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Knowledge Project
The Knowledge Project is a collection of articles on a variety of topics
These articles were developed as a wiki project, independent of Nature Education editors.
The Project is no longer active.

The Knowledge Project currently contains more than 100 articles in ecology. Browse below to find articles on subjects you are interested in.

  • Soil, Agriculture, and Agricultural Biotechnology (20 articles)
  • Environmental Ethics (13 articles)

If you are a researcher or instructor in one of the fields we're currently publishing in, we welcome your participation in the Knowledge Project.

  • Register for Scitable

    The Knowledge Project is powered by Scitable, Nature Education's online teaching and learning platform. If you haven't already, you'll need to register for Scitable in order to apply to the Knowledge Project.

  • Fill out a Knowledge Project Application

    Once you've registered for Scitable, we'll ask you to tell us about your professional background, areas of expertise, and publication history.

  • Choose or Suggest an Article Title

    If you have the background we're looking for, you'll receive a note welcoming you to the project and a link to your Knowledge Project workbench. From there, you can browse the existing library and either sign up to fill out one of the article stubs we've suggested for the community or propose your own article.

  • Write, Revise, and Publish

    You can write an article using our in-site editor about as easily as you can in Word. Upload either public domain images or images that you yourself have created for this project and which you are comfortable donating to the project. Once the article is written, it will be routed for peer review. Their comments will be sent back to you for you to make revisions. If your article passes all reviews, it will be copyedited and published.

  • Review Other People's Work

    The Knowledge Project only works properly if we have plenty of people to review each other's articles. So we ask that if you contribute an article of your own, you review at least two articles by other project members.

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