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Molecular Biology is the field of biology that studies the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules – such as nucleic acids and proteins – that carry out the biological processes essential for the cell’s functions and maintenance.


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    Lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) are rare, inherited metabolic disorders that result from defects in lysosomal function, for which treatment options are limited. Here, Platt provides an overview of LSDs, approved and potential therapeutic approaches and agents currently in development. The challenges associated with LSD diagnosis, drug development and treatment are discussed.

    • Frances M. Platt
  • Research |

    A high-resolution structure of the human ribosome determined by cryo-electron microscopy visualizes numerous RNA modifications that are concentrated at functional sites with an extended shell, and suggests the possibility of designing more specific ribosome-targeting drugs.

    • S. Kundhavai Natchiar
    • , Alexander G. Myasnikov
    • , Hanna Kratzat
    • , Isabelle Hazemann
    •  & Bruno P. Klaholz
  • Research | | open

    Lysosomal distribution is linked to the role of lysosomes in many cellular functions. Here the authors show that the lysosomal protein TMEM55B is regulated by TFEB and recruits JIP4 to the lysosomal surface inducing dynein-dependent transport of lysosomes toward the cell center in response to stress conditions.

    • Rose Willett
    • , José A. Martina
    • , James P. Zewe
    • , Rachel Wills
    • , Gerald R. V. Hammond
    •  & Rosa Puertollano
  • Research | | open

    Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of infected sand flies. Here the authors describe an atomic resolution cryo-EM structure of the Leishmania ribosome in complex with the recently approved drug paromomycin (PAR) and highlight conserved elements in the drug binding pocket that mediate PAR deleterious effects on the parasite.

    • Moran Shalev-Benami
    • , Yan Zhang
    • , Haim Rozenberg
    • , Yuko Nobe
    • , Masato Taoka
    • , Donna Matzov
    • , Ella Zimmerman
    • , Anat Bashan
    • , Toshiaki Isobe
    • , Charles L. Jaffe
    • , Ada Yonath
    •  & Georgios Skiniotis
  • Research | | open

    Environmental adaptation is generally studied at the genomic level, but it may also be driven by transcriptional processes. Here, the authors investigate variation in gene expression and RNA editing across diverging populations of Drosophila melanogaster from two microclimates.

    • Arielle L. Yablonovitch
    • , Jeremy Fu
    • , Kexin Li
    • , Simpla Mahato
    • , Lin Kang
    • , Eugenia Rashkovetsky
    • , Abraham B. Korol
    • , Hua Tang
    • , Pawel Michalak
    • , Andrew C. Zelhof
    • , Eviatar Nevo
    •  & Jin Billy Li

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