Year of the Rat

The 'Year of the Rat' offers a mixture of commentaries and primary research papers showcasing the increasing power of rat genetics and its contribution to understanding complex traits. This focus is freely available for three months.



Focus on Rat Genetics

Year of the Rat p513


The usefulness of the rat as a genetic model of complex traits and disease is increasing, with the development of a number of genome-wide resources enabling high-resolution genetic analysis. This special focus on rat genetics surveys the landscape and highlights the range of discoveries that are now possible.



Focus on Rat Genetics

An ENU-induced mutant archive for gene targeting in rats pp514 - 515

Tomoji Mashimo, Katsuhiko Yanagihara, Satoko Tokuda, Birger Voigt, Akiko Takizawa, Reiko Nakajima, Megumi Kato, Masumi Hirabayashi, Takashi Kuramoto & Tadao Serikawa




Focus on Rat Genetics

Progress and prospects in rat genetics: a community view pp516 - 522

Timothy J Aitman, John K Critser, Edwin Cuppen, Anna Dominiczak, Xose M Fernandez-Suarez, Jonathan Flint, Dominique Gauguier, Aron M Geurts, Michael Gould, Peter C Harris, Rikard Holmdahl, Norbert Hubner, Zsuzsanna Izsvák, Howard J Jacob, Takashi Kuramoto, Anne E Kwitek, Anna Marrone, Tomoji Mashimo, Carol Moreno, John Mullins, Linda Mullins, Tomas Olsson, Michal Pravenec, Lela Riley, Kathrin Saar, Tadao Serikawa, James D Shull, Claude Szpirer, Simon N Twigger, Birger Voigt & Kim Worley




Focus on Rat Genetics

What everybody should know about the rat genome and its online resources pp523 - 527

Simon N Twigger, Kim D Pruitt, Xosé M Fernández-Suárez, Donna Karolchik, Kim C Worley, Donna R Maglott, Garth Brown, George Weinstock, Richard A Gibbs, Jim Kent, Ewan Birney & Howard J Jacob


It has been four years since the original publication of the draft sequence of the rat genome. Five groups are now working together to assemble, annotate and release an updated version of the rat genome. As the prevailing model for physiology, complex disease and pharmacological studies, there is an acute need for the rat's genomic resources to keep pace with the rat's prominence in the laboratory. In this commentary, we describe the current status of the rat genome sequence and the plans for its impending 'upgrade'. We then cover the key online resources providing access to the rat genome, including the new SNP views at Ensembl, the RefSeq and Genes databases at the US National Center for Biotechnology Information, Genome Browser at the University of California Santa Cruz and the disease portals for cardiovascular disease and obesity at the Rat Genome Database.



Focus on Rat Genetics

Soluble epoxide hydrolase is a susceptibility factor for heart failure in a rat model of human disease pp529 - 537

Jan Monti, Judith Fischer, Svetlana Paskas, Matthias Heinig, Herbert Schulz, Claudia Gösele, Arnd Heuser, Robert Fischer, Cosima Schmidt, Alexander Schirdewan, Volkmar Gross, Oliver Hummel, Henrike Maatz, Giannino Patone, Kathrin Saar, Martin Vingron, Steven M Weldon, Klaus Lindpaintner, Bruce D Hammock, Klaus Rohde, Rainer Dietz, Stuart A Cook, Wolf-Hagen Schunck, Friedrich C Luft & Norbert Hubner


Focus on Rat Genetics

Distribution and functional impact of DNA copy number variation in the rat pp538 - 545

Victor Guryev, Kathrin Saar, Tatjana Adamovic, Mark Verheul, Sebastiaan A A C van Heesch, Stuart Cook, Michal Pravenec, Timothy Aitman, Howard Jacob, James D Shull, Norbert Hubner & Edwin Cuppen




Focus on Rat Genetics

Integrated genomic approaches implicate osteoglycin (Ogn) in the regulation of left ventricular mass pp546 - 552

Enrico Petretto, Rizwan Sarwar, Ian Grieve, Han Lu, Mande K Kumaran, Phillip J Muckett, Jonathan Mangion, Blanche Schroen, Matthew Benson, Prakash P Punjabi, Sanjay K Prasad, Dudley J Pennell, Chris Kiesewetter, Elena S Tasheva, Lolita M Corpuz, Megan D Webb, Gary W Conrad, Theodore W Kurtz, Vladimir Kren, Judith Fischer, Norbert Hubner, Yigal M Pinto, Michal Pravenec, Timothy J Aitman & Stuart A Cook


Focus on Rat Genetics

Jund is a determinant of macrophage activation and is associated with glomerulonephritis susceptibility pp553 - 559

Jacques Behmoaras, Gurjeet Bhangal, Jennifer Smith, Kylie McDonald, Brenda Mutch, Ping Chin Lai, Jan Domin, Laurence Game, Alan Salama, Brian M Foxwell, Charles D Pusey, H Terence Cook & Timothy J Aitman



Technical Report

Focus on Rat Genetics

SNP and haplotype mapping for genetic analysis in the rat pp560 - 566

The STAR Consortium



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