Diseases are abnormal conditions that have a specific set of signs and symptoms. Diseases can have an external cause, such as an infection, or an internal cause, such as autoimmune diseases.


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    In this Viewpoint article, we asked four scientists working to target important, but so-called 'undruggable', proteins in cancer for their opinions on the most crucial advances, as well as the challenges and what the future holds for this important area of cancer research.

    • Chi V. Dang
    • , E. Premkumar Reddy
    • , Kevan M. Shokat
    •  & Laura Soucek
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    This Review describes our current understanding of the relationship between genotype and phenotype in myelodysplastic syndromes/myeloproliferative neoplasms (MDS/MPN) and discusses how this knowledge could be used to inform strategies to develop more effective treatments and improve clinical success.

    • Michael W. N. Deininger
    • , Jeffrey W. Tyner
    •  & Eric Solary
    Nature Reviews Cancer 17, 425–440
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    Periodontal diseases are characterized by inflammation and loss of the tissues supporting the teeth, which could lead to eating and speaking problems. Although some risk factors are non-modifiable (for example, genetic susceptibility), others, such as smoking, can be effectively managed.

    • Denis F. Kinane
    • , Panagiota G. Stathopoulou
    •  & Panos N. Papapanou

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