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  • Vincerx applies a modular approach in the development of antibody–drug conjugates by incorporating novel targeting and safety features. The company’s lead compounds exhibit high efficacies with minimal toxicities that are expected to improve therapeutic windows. Vincerx believes that partners with first-in-class antibodies, clinical stage antibodies or ADCs against promising targets will benefit from Vincerx’s next-generation payload-linker technologies.

    • Vincerx Pharma
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  • Gene therapy company FerGene Inc. is developing products for the treatment of urologic cancers, the company’s lead product, nadofaragene firadenovec, uses a non-replicating adenovirus vector to deliver the gene for interferon alfa-2b into bladder cells for the treatment of bladder cancer.

    • FerGene Inc.
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  • With its plug-and-play cell therapy platform and complementary bispecific NK cell engagers, Cytovia aims to create both single and combination therapies for cancer treatment.

    • Cytovia Therapeutics
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  • Amarna Therapeutics has developed SVec, a non-immunogenic viral vector platform for the development of candidates to treat genetic and autoimmune disorders, overcoming immune barriers to gene therapy delivery and unlocking autoimmunity by inducing intolerance.

    • Amarna Therapeutics BV
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  • Sutro Biopharma combines its powerful cell-free protein synthesis platform with click chemistry to develop precisely engineered bioconjugate therapeutics for oncology.

    • Sutro Biopharma
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  • Phosplatin Therapeutics is harnessing immunogenic cell death (ICD) as an alternative mechanism to existing cancer immunotherapy strategies. PT-112, Phosplatin’s lead ICD inducer, is in phase 2 clinical trials for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, and could be applicable to other indications, including rare and refractory forms of cancer.

    • Phosplatin Therapeutics
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  • Cellestia Biotech AG is developing first-in-class therapies to control pathogenic gene expression by selective inhibition of previously undruggable transcription factors in the cell nucleus. The company’s clinical lead, CB-103, has advanced to phase 2 in oncology, followed by a rich R&D pipeline of novel gene transcription factor inhibitors targeting oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

    • Cellestia Biotech AG
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