A cluster of T cells enveloping a cancer cell

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This issue showcases active companies developing therapeutics and technologies focused around antibodies, and to treat oncology. The issue also includes our central nervous system disorders collection


  • With a focus on detecting, intercepting, treating, and ultimately curing cancer, Janssen Oncology is advancing science and solutions in hematologic malignancies and solid tumors through an innovative strategic partnering approach.

    • Janssen Oncology
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  • Hayashibara is exploring the potential of the saccharide, trehalose, to advance progress in the development of new medical and therapeutic applications, with a particular focus on its ability to stabilize exosomes and improve drug delivery.

    • Hayashibara Co., Ltd. / NAGASE Group
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  • Building on its history of successful collaborations, the global business unit at Sanofi responsible for vaccines is seeking partners with a common drive for excellence and pursuit of innovation.

    • Vaccines at Sanofi
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  • Synaffix’s glycan-based antibody–drug conjugate technology is experiencing strong demand, based on its potential to improve safety and efficacy of cancer therapies without genetic engineering.

    • Synaffix
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  • Precision diagnostics and monitoring company Oncocyte is developing the most comprehensive and rapid tumor-microenvironment gene-expression test to assess immunotherapeutic responsiveness. Combined with the company’s other tests, it provides a complete solution for cancer immunotherapy management and monitoring.

    • Oncocyte Corporation
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  • OncXerna Therapeutics is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of drugs and biomarkers for cancer, targeting patients’ tumor microenvironment (TME) to develop a precision-medicine approach that might identify those who will benefit most from the treatments in its pipeline.

    • OncXerna Therapeutics
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  • Marengo Therapeutics’ breakthrough discovery in T cell receptor (TCR) activation blazes a new trail for safe treatment and long-term protection against cancer.

    • Marengo Therapeutics
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Nerve cell

Fighting central nervous system disorders

Discover active companies developing innovative technologies and therapeutics to prevent and treat the diseases of the central nervous system.