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The four epidemiological stages in the global evolution of inflammatory bowel disease

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  • Consensus Statement
    | Open Access

    Although fermented foods have been consumed for thousands of years, a clear definition has been lacking. This Consensus Statement outlines a definition for the term ‘fermented foods’ as determined by an expert panel convened by the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics in September 2019.

    • Maria L. Marco
    • , Mary Ellen Sanders
    • , Michael Gänzle
    • , Marie Claire Arrieta
    • , Paul D. Cotter
    • , Luc De Vuyst
    • , Colin Hill
    • , Wilhelm Holzapfel
    • , Sarah Lebeer
    • , Dan Merenstein
    • , Gregor Reid
    • , Benjamin E. Wolfe
    •  & Robert Hutkins
  • Review Article |

    The prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is projected to continue to increase worldwide. In this Review, Huang, El-Serag and Loomba discuss the global epidemiology and risk factors for NAFLD-related HCC, and propose strategies to tackle this problem.

    • Daniel Q. Huang
    • , Hashem B. El-Serag
    •  & Rohit Loomba
  • Review Article |

    Human microphysiology systems (MPS) have evolved as experimental model systems. This Review explores these so-called organ-on-a-chip systems and the role of biomimetic human liver MPS in drug development and precision medicine, providing insights into their design and use as models of liver physiology and disease.

    • Albert Gough
    • , Alejandro Soto-Gutierrez
    • , Lawrence Vernetti
    • , Mo R. Ebrahimkhani
    • , Andrew M. Stern
    •  & D. Lansing Taylor
  • Review Article |

    The common end stage of liver disease is decompensated cirrhosis and the further development towards acute-on-chronic liver failure. In this Review, the authors discuss the possible pathogenic, diagnostic and therapeutic role of the gut microbiota in decompensation of cirrhosis and progression to acute-on-chronic liver failure.

    • Jonel Trebicka
    • , Peer Bork
    • , Aleksander Krag
    •  & Manimozhiyan Arumugam
  • Review Article |

    A gluten-free diet is currently the only effective treatment for coeliac disease but an increased understanding of disease pathogenesis has led to the identification of several potential therapeutic targets. This Review provides a broad overview of current and emerging therapies for coeliac disease.

    • Laura Kivelä
    • , Alberto Caminero
    • , Daniel A. Leffler
    • , Maria Ines Pinto-Sanchez
    • , Jason A. Tye-Din
    •  & Katri Lindfors
  • Review Article |

    Dietary fibre has been shown to be beneficial for gastrointestinal health. This Review discusses the physicochemical and functional characteristics of dietary fibres and provides insight into their role in gastrointestinal health and the management of gastrointestinal disorders.

    • Samantha K. Gill
    • , Megan Rossi
    • , Balazs Bajka
    •  & Kevin Whelan

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Diet, microbiome and immune homeostasis

Alisdair Macdonald

Diet, microbiome and immune homeostasis

Nutrition and diet influence human health and development through their effects on the gut microbiome and host immune homeostasis.

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