Jennie Vallis

Gut microbial metabolites in obesity, NAFLD and T2DM

This Review explores the role of gut microbial metabolites derived from carbohydrate and protein fermentation in body weight control, NAFLD, insulin resistance and T2DM.

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  • Perspective |

    Young people with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) are at risk of vascular complications. In this Perspectives article, M. Loredana Marcovecchio and colleagues present a new framework for managing the risk of vascular complications in young people with T1DM.

    • M. Loredana Marcovecchio
    • , R. Neil Dalton
    • , Denis Daneman
    • , John Deanfield
    • , Timothy W. Jones
    • , H. Andrew W. Neil
    •  & David B. Dunger
  • Review Article |

    Women with pre-existing diabetes mellitus are at increased risk of complications during pregnancy. This Review outlines the latest management strategies that have been designed to reduce this risk, including diet and pharmacotherapy options.

    • Lene Ringholm
    • , Peter Damm
    •  & Elisabeth R. Mathiesen
  • Review Article |

    Prolactin is mainly known for its involvement in the regulation of lactation. In this Review, the authors describe other newly discovered roles of prolactin in human health and disease and discuss new data on the pathological states of hypoprolactinaemia and hyperprolactinaemia.

    • Valérie Bernard
    • , Jacques Young
    •  & Nadine Binart
  • Review Article |

    T3 and T4 are synthesized in the thyroid gland in a process that involves the iodoglycoprotein thyroglobulin. In this Review, we consider the role of thyroglobulin in thyroid hormonogenesis from evolutionary, biochemical, molecular, cellular and physiological angles.

    • Cintia E. Citterio
    • , Héctor M. Targovnik
    •  & Peter Arvan
  • Review Article |

    In this Review, new insights into the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis are integrated within a novel conceptual framework that can be used to re-appreciate adrenocortical function and dysfunction in the context of critical illness.

    • Arno Téblick
    • , Bram Peeters
    • , Lies Langouche
    •  & Greet Van den Berghe

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