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  • An article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explored the potential for strike-slip earthquakes to generate large tsunamis in narrow or shallow bays.

    • Erin Scott
    Research Highlight
  • How glaciers affect mountain height, and the links between climate and glacial erosion in mountains, are debated. This Review describes the erosion of mountains by glaciers and the broader impacts of these processes.

    • Frédéric Herman
    • Fien De Doncker
    • Michèle Koppes
    Review Article
  • Nature-based climate solutions can help meet climate mitigation goals, but estimates of their carbon storage potential vary. This Review discusses the constraints and potential contributions of increasing carbon storage in the terrestrial biosphere, suggesting a conservative estimate of 100–200 GtCO2 in negative emissions to 2100.

    • Connor J. Nolan
    • Christopher B. Field
    • Katharine J. Mach
    Review Article
  • Emma Pearce discusses the use of hammer source seismic surveys to provide glaciological insight.

    • Emma Pearce
    Tools of the Trade
  • Minerals and organic matter interact in soils and sediments, impacting biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem functioning. This Review describes the major and emerging environmental mineral–organic interactions observed, and their implications for organic matter persistence.

    • Markus Kleber
    • Ian C. Bourg
    • Naoise Nunan
    Review Article
  • An article in Environmental Research Letters documents how end of life strategies impact the carbon emissions associated with a pair of jeans.

    • Graham Simpkins
    Research Highlight
  • A study in JGR Earth Surface examines the link between Hurricane María and sediment mobilization by landslides in Puerto Rico.

    • Laura Zinke
    Research Highlight
  • Repeated amalgamation and dispersal of continents over Earth history is known as the supercontinent cycle; however, the geodynamic processes driving this cyclicity remain debated. This Review synthesizes observations, plate reconstructions and geodynamic models of supercontinent, and older Archaean supercraton, cycles.

    • Ross N. Mitchell
    • Nan Zhang
    • Zheng-Xiang Li
    Review Article
  • An article in Earth and Planetary Science Letters reports detailed magma movement through dikes during a rift episode in 2017 at the Reykjanes Ridge, Iceland.

    • Erin Scott
    Research Highlight
  • Initialized climate predictions offer distinct benefits for multiple stakeholders. This Review discusses initialized prediction on subseasonal to seasonal (S2S), seasonal to interannual (S2I) and seasonal to decadal (S2D) timescales, highlighting potential for skilful predictions in the years to come.

    • Gerald A. Meehl
    • Jadwiga H. Richter
    • Shang-Ping Xie
    Review Article
  • Successful discovery and operation of geothermal resources requires a thorough understanding of the heterogeneous geological subsurface. This Review discusses the key geological factors that contribute to the effective exploration of intermediate-temperature to high-temperature geothermal resources used for power generation and direct use applications.

    • Egbert Jolie
    • Samuel Scott
    • Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun
    Review Article
  • Submarine groundwater discharge transports nutrients from terrestrial to marine systems, but is often ignored in coastal biogeochemistry. In this Review, the fluxes, impacts and management implications of this discharge are examined and compared with riverine fluxes globally.

    • Isaac R. Santos
    • Xiaogang Chen
    • Ling Li
    Review Article
  • The discovery of slow earthquakes transformed the understanding of how tectonic plate motions are accommodated; however, the mechanics of slow earthquakes remain enigmatic. This Review synthesizes geological observations of ancient deformation structures that likely hosted slow earthquakes and discusses the insights into the mechanics of fault slip.

    • James D. Kirkpatrick
    • Åke Fagereng
    • David R. Shelly
    Review Article
  • A study in the Journal of Hydrology explores the connections between climate conditions, intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams across four countries.

    • Laura Zinke
    Research Highlight