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  • Several transition-metal and lanthanide complexes undergo circularly polarized luminescence. This Review describes design principles for the complexes and instruments used to measure them, including in the context of security inks.

    • Lewis E. MacKenzie
    • Robert Pal
    Review Article
  • The introduction of shape anisotropy at the nanoscale is a potent way to access new properties and functionalities. This Review appraises different methods for the bottom-up synthesis of anisotropic nanoparticles, and highlights the unique properties and applications of these materials with otherwise inaccessible functionality.

    • Amanda K. Pearce
    • Thomas R. Wilks
    • Rachel K. O’Reilly
    Review Article
  • Correlated disorder drives a variety of important and useful physical properties in crystalline materials. This Review explores the link between disorder and function, and surveys the core design principles that enable targeted control over correlated disorder in crystals.

    • Arkadiy Simonov
    • Andrew L. Goodwin
    Review Article
  • Demand for energy-dense electrochemical storage systems has drawn increasing focus to metal–gas batteries. This Review describes the chemistry of these batteries and the underlying trade-offs between energy density and electrochemical reversibility.

    • Haining Gao
    • Betar M. Gallant
    Review Article
  • The self-assembly of biomimetic peptides can mimic complex natural systems involving whole proteins. This Review describes how synthetic peptides afford tunable scaffolds for biomineralization, drug delivery and tissue growth.

    • Aviad Levin
    • Tuuli A. Hakala
    • Tuomas P. J. Knowles
    Review Article
  • High pressure leads to striking new chemistry. Many new compounds with atypical compositions and a plethora of novel chemical species can be stabilized by the formation of homonuclear bonds and the activation of core electrons, non-valence and non-atomic orbitals.

    • Maosheng Miao
    • Yuanhui Sun
    • Haiqing Lin
    Review Article
  • Tagging and manipulating biomolecules in living systems requires precisely tuned, biocompatible reactions. This Review focuses on recent advances in the development of bioorthogonal reactions, with an emphasis on how mechanistic insights have driven the field.

    • Sean S. Nguyen
    • Jennifer A. Prescher
    Review Article
  • Although amino acid repeats have been linked to a diverse range of diseases, they are prevalent in the human proteome. This Review describes their physiological importance, the factors that influence their conformations and therapeutic strategies to treat repeat-related diseases.

    • Sreenivas Chavali
    • Anjali K. Singh
    • M. Madan Babu
    Review Article
  • Enhanced chemical reactivity on-water has major implications in many fields, ranging from atmospheric to prebiotic chemistry. This Review analyses recent experimental and theoretical studies in this fast-moving research area and brings together some key findings across diverse fields.

    • Manuel F. Ruiz-Lopez
    • Joseph S. Francisco
    • Josep M. Anglada
    Review Article
  • RNA-binding proteins have crucial roles in cellular activities, and disruption of their function is associated with human diseases. This Review describes inhibition of RNA-binding proteins using small molecules as a rapidly evolving strategy for the discovery of chemical probes and therapeutics.

    • Peng Wu
    Review Article
  • High-valent metal–oxo species are implicated in biological and industrially important oxidations. This Review describes mononuclear iron and manganese oxos, the nature of the ‘oxo wall’ and recent advances in late-transition-metal–oxo complexes.

    • Virginia A. Larson
    • Beatrice Battistella
    • Wonwoo Nam
    Review Article
  • Self-replicating systems play a central role in the emergence of life. This Review describes the features that self-replicating systems need to acquire to transition from chemistry to biology and surveys the progress made in theoretical and experimental approaches.

    • Paul Adamski
    • Marcel Eleveld
    • Sijbren Otto
    Review Article
  • Discovery and application of enzymes that catalyse new reactions is essential for broad implementation of biocatalysts in organic synthesis. This Review describes recent developments in biocatalytic carbon–carbon bond formation.

    • Lara E. Zetzsche
    • Alison R. H. Narayan
    Review Article
  • Deconstructing plant-derived polymers into small molecules is necessary for biomass valorization but gives intermediates that undergo undesirable reactions. This Review describes how the intermediates can be converted into stable derivatives as renewable-platform chemicals.

    • Ydna M. Questell-Santiago
    • Maxim V. Galkin
    • Jeremy S. Luterbacher
    Review Article