Brain ageing

The profound social and economic impact of an ageing population highlights the need to understand the factors that influence cognitive health and the decline that occurs with age. Nature Reviews Neuroscience presents a series of articles that examine the hallmarks of ageing in the brain, the mechanisms underlying brain ageing and the implications for brain function and disease susceptibility.
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July 2012 Vol 13 No 7

The cognitive neuroscience of ageing

Cheryl Grady

June 2012 Vol 13 No 6

Insights into CNS ageing from animal models of senescence

Mark Yeoman, Greg Scutt & Richard Faragher

May 2012 Vol 13 No 5

The circadian clock and pathology of the ageing brain

Anna A. Kondratova & Roman V. Kondratov

April 2012 Vol 13 No 4

The ageing cortical synapse: hallmarks and implications for cognitive decline

John H. Morrison & Mark G. Baxter

March 2012 Vol 13 No 3

Recruiting adaptive cellular stress responses for successful brain ageing

Alexis M. Stranahan and Mark P. Mattson

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