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  • Water exchange through the transmembrane channel aquaporin-4 can be measured by conventional dynamic-contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and is a sensitive biomarker of the proliferation of gliomas and their resistance to chemotherapy.

    • Thomas Ruan
    • Kayvan R. Keshari
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  • Cytokine receptor agonists can be designed with longer half-lives in circulation and with enhanced penetration of the blood–brain barrier by genetically grafting macrocyclic peptides into the structural loops of fragment crystallizable regions.

    • Aphrodite Kapurniotu
    • Jürgen Bernhagen
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  • Off-the-shelf microphones and earbud components connected to a smartphone can be as effective as an expensive clinical-grade device at measuring otoacoustic emissions to screen for hearing loss.

    • Shawn S. Goodman
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  • The flux of autophagosomes in heart tissue can be detected in live mice via the fluorescence and magnetic resonance properties of intravenously injected iron oxide nanoparticles decorated with fluorescent peptides cleavable by lysosomal cathepsins.

    • Ben Loos
    • Andre du Toit
    • Jan-Hendrik S. Hofmeyr
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  • An assay leveraging strand-displacement reactions and enzymatic amplification for the recognition of viral RNA and implemented on origami paper allows for the fast colorimetric detection of SARS-CoV-2 variants, with single-nucleotide specificity.

    • Kaiyue Wu
    • Alexander A. Green
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  • Assays leveraging the CRISPR-associated enzyme Cas13 and isothermal RNA amplification for the detection of viral RNA are being simplified for point-of-care use.

    • Ahmed Ghouneimy
    • Magdy Mahfouz
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  • Weakly supervised deep-learning models for the analysis of whole-slide images from tumour biopsies perform better at prognostic tasks if the models incorporate context from the local microenvironment.

    • Guillaume Jaume
    • Andrew H. Song
    • Faisal Mahmood
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  • An adhesive hydrogel patch made from off-the-shelf materials seals and aids the healing of gastrointestinal-tissue defects without the need for sutures, as shown with the repair of gastrointestinal leaks in live rats and pigs.

    • Alexandre H. C. Anthis
    • Andrea A. Schlegel
    • Inge K. Herrmann
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  • Arrays of ultrasonic transducers arranged hemispherically around the head enable the mapping of haemodynamic changes in the brain via photoacoustic computed tomography at resolutions down to 350 micrometres and 2 seconds.

    • Wonjun Yim
    • Yash Mantri
    • Jesse V. Jokerst
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  • Volumetric histological imaging of mouse and human tissues without the need for tissue staining or excision can be performed in real time via microscopes leveraging confocally aligned light-sheet illumination.

    • Matthias Gunzer
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  • Deep-learning models trained with images of the external part of the eyes, rather than fundus images of the retina, can also be used to detect severe diabetic conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy.

    • Zhen Ling Teo
    • Daniel Shu Wei Ting
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  • Freeze-dried genetic circuits can be integrated with textiles for the detection — colorimetric, or via fluorescence or luminescence — of small molecules and nucleic acids from SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens.

    • Yuan Lu
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  • Off-target genome editing in the liver can be reduced by using lipid nanoparticles to deliver oligonucleotides that disrupt the secondary structure of single-guide RNAs as well as short interfering RNAs targeting Cas9 mRNA.

    • Sean A. Dilliard
    • Daniel J. Siegwart
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  • An electromechanical chip consisting of self-assembled DNA-based cantilevers immobilized on a liquid-gated graphene field-effect transistor can be configured to rapidly detect ultra-low concentrations of biomolecules, including viral nucleic acids, in biological fluids.

    • Sahika Inal
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  • Coating mesenchymal stromal cells with a soft gel incorporating specific chemomechanical cues that enhance the production of collagenases enhances the ability of the cells to inhibit aberrant tissue remodelling in mice with fibrotic lungs.

    • Michael V. Schrodt
    • James A. Ankrum
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  • Flagellated bacteria coated with antigen-adsorbing nanoparticles and injected into irradiated tumours elicit systemic antitumour immune responses by transporting tumour antigens towards the tumour periphery, where they are taken up by functional antigen-presenting cells.

    • Andrew Redenti
    • Jaeseung Hahn
    • Tal Danino
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  • The efficacy of adoptive cell therapy for pancreatic cancer can be augmented by antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells genetically engineered to overexpress a C-X-C chemokine receptor whose ligand is highly expressed by pancreatic cancer cells.

    • Leonid Cherkassky
    • Prasad S. Adusumilli
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  • Deep surgical wounds can be monitored via conductive multifilament surgical sutures incorporating ‘sensing pledgets’ bearing capacitive sensors operated via harmonic radiofrequency identification.

    • Sameer Sonkusale
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