Materials chemistry

Materials chemistry involves the use of chemistry for the design and synthesis of materials with interesting or potentially useful physical characteristics, such as magnetic, optical, structural or catalytic properties. It also involves the characterization, processing and molecular-level understanding of these substances.


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    Far-field photons can be coupled to acoustic graphene plasmons with near 100% efficiency and used to acquire infrared spectra of thin, subnanometre-layer samples.

    • Marta Autore
    •  & Rainer Hillenbrand
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    An inspired experimental approach sheds light on the formation of active turbulence in a system of microtubules and molecular motors. The emergent scaling behaviour takes us a step closer to understanding how activity begets turbulence.

    • Seth Fraden
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    Nanoparticles can affect vascular integrity, promoting cancer cell intravasation and extravasation and metastasis in murine breast cancer models.

    • Tsveta S. Malinova
    •  & Stephan Huveneers