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  • Amplification of oncogene expression through extrachromosomal DNA is a common feature of many cancers and is associated with poor outcomes. Hung et al. review how regulation of extrachromosomal DNA gene expression is linked to alterations in chromatin structure and changes in contacts with DNA regulatory elements.

    • King L. Hung
    • Paul S. Mischel
    • Howard Y. Chang
    Review Article
  • Sfeir and colleagues consider recent insights into the pathways that process and repair damaged mitochondrial genomes, nuclear–mitochondrial cross-talk during mtDNA stress, and links between mtDNA dysfunction and innate immunity.

    • Yi Fu
    • Marco Tigano
    • Agnel Sfeir
    Review Article
  • Zaware and Zhou review the current understanding of bromodomain biology and discuss the latest development of small-molecule inhibitors that target these protein domains as emerging therapies for cancer and inflammatory disorders.

    • Nilesh Zaware
    • Ming-Ming Zhou
    Review Article
  • In this Review, Bob Roeder offers a personal, historical perspective of the landmark studies that elucidated the mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic transcription over five decades, from the initial discovery of three nuclear RNA polymerases to the structural, genomic and imaging approaches that continue to expand our understanding of the function of complex regulatory networks.

    • Robert G. Roeder
    Review Article
  • Monoamine transporters (MATs) regulate neurotransmission via the reuptake of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine from the extra-neuronal space. This Review discusses recent advances in elucidating the structural dynamics and allosteric regulation of MATs.

    • Mary Hongying Cheng
    • Ivet Bahar
    Review Article
  • Numerous proteins in dendrites and axons are synthesized locally. In this Review, the authors summarize current evidence for local mRNA translation in neurons and discuss the neuronal functions shown to be served by this process.

    • Christine E. Holt
    • Kelsey C. Martin
    • Erin M. Schuman
    Review Article
  • In this Review, Wiedenheft and colleagues retrace events that led from early endeavours to understand the role of Cas9 in CRISPR-mediated adaptive immunity to current efforts aimed at developing this enzyme for programmable genetic editing.

    • Royce A. Wilkinson
    • Coleman Martin
    • Blake Wiedenheft
    Review Article
  • Zhou, Gaullier and Luger review insights derived from cutting-edge biophysical and structural approaches applied to the study of nucleosome dynamics and nucleosome-binding factors, with a focus on the experimental advances driving the research.

    • Keda Zhou
    • Guillaume Gaullier
    • Karolin Luger
    Review Article
  • In this Review, Haoxing Xu and colleagues summarize current knowledge of TRP channels and their roles in the response to environmental and cellular signals, focusing in particular on the least known class, the organellar TRPs.

    • Xiaoli Zhang
    • Meiqin Hu
    • Haoxing Xu
    Review Article
  • Cramer and colleagues review and discuss how the structural elucidation of transcription factors and functional complexes of human mitochondrial RNA polymerase have informed emerging understanding of the mechanism of mitochondrial gene transcription.

    • Hauke S. Hillen
    • Dmitry Temiakov
    • Patrick Cramer
    Review Article