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  • Dipole–dipole crosstalk between fluorophores separated by a distance of less than 10 nm induces changes in their photophysics, which adds a challenge to localization microscopy in the sub-10-nm regime.

    • Karim Almahayni
    • Malte Spiekermann
    • Leonhard Möckl
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  • A diagnostic fragment ion in tandem mass spectrometry enables confident protein lactylation assignment and the discovery of broad lysine modification beyond histones.

    • Xiaofeng Wu
    • W. Andy Tao
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  • Evidence for at least one protein product from 80% of all mouse genes is reported in a comprehensive proteomic analysis of 41 adult mouse tissues. Comparison of tissue profiles between mouse and human suggests that the fundamental biology of this important model organism is even more different from our own than we thought.

    • Leonard J. Foster
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  • De novo structure generation from tandem mass spectrometry data will advance annotation of unknown metabolomic signals.

    • Corey D. Broeckling
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  • A repeat-aware pipeline corrects structural assembly errors and polishes assembly sequences in large repeats without overcorrection.

    • Li Fang
    • Kai Wang
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  • A novel bright near-infrared fluorescent protein inserted into a nanobody enables visualization of native proteins inside living cells and specific manipulation of cell function, including Boolean protein-based operators.

    • Theodorus W. J. Gadella
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  • DiMeLo-seq leverages immunotethered DNA methyltransferases with long-read sequencing to map the locations of chromatin proteins in their natural context.

    • Kami Ahmad
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  • A novel approach to probabilistically align adjacent multiple tissue slices from spatially resolved transcriptomics data provides unprecedented depth for the investigation of tissue architecture and paves the way for new developments in 3D spatial analytics.

    • Yingxin Lin
    • Jean Y. H. Yang
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  • A flexible open-top light-sheet microscope has been developed that can perform deep three-dimensional imaging on all clearing protocols with low and high optical resolution.

    • Shigeaki Kanatani
    • Per Uhlén
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  • Two new toolkits that leverage deep-learning approaches can track the positions of multiple animals and estimate poses in different experimental paradigms.

    • Sena Agezo
    • Gordon J. Berman
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  • A droplet microfluidic system enables deterministic capture and subsequent sequencing and analysis of single-cell transcriptomes from organoids and other small, individual tissue samples.

    • J. Gray Camp
    • Ilya Lukonin
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  • As last we can edit the immune system’s sleeping giants, as CRISPR tools advance into the world of naive CD4+ T cells.

    • Andrea Olga Papadopoulos
    • Zaza Mtine Ndhlovu
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  • Software solutions pGlyco3 and StrucGP both aim to better assign the glycan part of a glycopeptide beyond simple glycosyl composition, but they differ in their strategies, their requirement for a glycan library and their applicability to O-glycopeptides.

    • Kay-Hooi Khoo
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