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Including articles on agonist antibodies, IPOs in 2019, synthetic lethality in cancer target discovery, tumour cell plasticity in drug resistance and targeting metabolic dysregulation in fibrosis.

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  • Review Article |

    Neutrophils play diverse roles in various disease processes, including infection, pulmonary diseases, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Here, Mócsai and colleagues provide an overview of the biological and pathological functions of neutrophils, assessing emerging strategies to therapeutically target neutrophils and agents currently under investigation.

    • Tamás Németh
    • , Markus Sperandio
    •  & Attila Mócsai
  • Review Article |

    Natural killer (NK) cells have a primordial role in tumour immunosurveillance. Given their potent antitumour activity, therapeutic manipulation of NK cells provides an attractive strategy for cancer treatment. This Review discusses new approaches to activate NK cells, increase their proliferation in vivo and increase their capacity to recognize tumour cells.

    • Noriko Shimasaki
    • , Amit Jain
    •  & Dario Campana
  • Review Article |

    The use of allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cells from donors has many potential advantages over autologous approaches, such as immediate availability, standardization and the possibility of redosing or combination. This Review analyses the different sources of T cells and technological approaches to produce optimal allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cells with limited potential for graft-versus-host disease and increased persistence.

    • S. Depil
    • , P. Duchateau
    • , S. A. Grupp
    • , G. Mufti
    •  & L. Poirot
  • Perspective |

    Oral delivery of peptide therapeutics could have benefits for treatment adherence, but it faces barriers related to the structural organization and physiological function of the gastrointestinal tract. This article highlights strategies to overcome these barriers and discusses experience with oral peptides that have reached clinical trials, including the recent landmark approval of an oral formulation of semaglutide for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

    • Daniel J. Drucker
  • Review Article |

    Most rare diseases still lack approved treatments. This article analyses the main therapeutic modalities available to researchers interested in translating advances in the scientific understanding of rare diseases into therapies, highlights progress so far and discusses overarching issues in drug development for rare diseases.

    • Erik Tambuyzer
    • , Benjamin Vandendriessche
    • , Christopher P. Austin
    • , Philip J. Brooks
    • , Kristina Larsson
    • , Katherine I. Miller Needleman
    • , James Valentine
    • , Kay Davies
    • , Stephen C. Groft
    • , Robert Preti
    • , Tudor I. Oprea
    •  & Marco Prunotto
  • Perspective |

    Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are increasingly being applied in drug discovery. This article presents the views of a group of international experts on the ‘grand challenges’ in small-molecule drug discovery with AI, including obtaining appropriate data sets, generating new hypotheses, optimizing in a multi-objective manner, reducing cycle times and changing the research culture.

    • Petra Schneider
    • , W. Patrick Walters
    • , Alleyn T. Plowright
    • , Norman Sieroka
    • , Jennifer Listgarten
    • , Robert A. Goodnow Jr.
    • , Jasmin Fisher
    • , Johanna M. Jansen
    • , José S. Duca
    • , Thomas S. Rush
    • , Matthias Zentgraf
    • , John Edward Hill
    • , Elizabeth Krutoholow
    • , Matthias Kohler
    • , Jeff Blaney
    • , Kimito Funatsu
    • , Chris Luebkemann
    •  & Gisbert Schneider

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