The die of a Bayesian machine.

January issue now out

This month’s issue features substrate-less nanomesh receptors, non-reciprocal acoustoelectric microwave amplifiers, and a Bayesian machine built with memristors.


  • London skyline.

    To mark the first five years of Nature Electronics, we will be publishing a series of short articles in 2023 that explore key topics in the field through the research that has been featured in the pages of the journal.

  • Car driving through forest.

    The future of transport is the theme of our 2022 technology of the year. Here, we explore, in particular, key challenges in road transport.

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Neuromorphic computing

The rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence is asking questions about what is the best way to build a computer, and approaches that derive inspiration from the brain could provide an answer. Here, in a series of articles, we explore what such neuromorphic computing can do.