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Reviews and comment from the nature publishing group

Special focus: Calcium.Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology July 2003 Includes: Looking forward to seeing calcium. Rudolf, R. et al. Calcium signalling during embryonic development. Webb, S. E. & Miller, A. L.

Special focus: Music and the brain.Nature Neuroscience July 2003 Includes: The developmental origins of musicality. Trehub, S. Language, music, syntax and the brain. Patel, A.

“Neuronal polarization” building fences for molecular segregation. Dotti, C. G. & Poo, M. M. Nature Cell Biology July 2003 In this News and Views article, Dotti and Poo discuss how fluorescence microscopy has provided new insights into the mechanisms that underlie the polarized segregation of membrane components in neurons.

Molecular mechanisms of glioma invasiveness. Rao, J. Nature Reviews Cancer July 2003

Three or more routes for leukocyte migration into the CNS. Ransohoff, R. M. et al. Nature Reviews Immunology July 2003

Practice doesn't make perfect. Geisler, W. & Murray, R. Nature 12 June 2003 A News and Views article on the surprising discovery that humans are inefficient at recognizing common words.

SNARE function revisited. Rizo, J. Nature Structural Biology June 2003 A News and Views article on new data that challenge the accepted model for intracellular membrane fusion during neurotransmitter release.

A charged view of voltage-gated ion channels. Miller, C. Nature Structural Biology June 2003 This News and Views article reports on the first description of the crystal structure of a voltage-gated K+ channel.

The new science of stress. Pickering, T. G. Nature Medicine June 2003 T. G. Pickering reviews the book The End of Stress as We Know It by Bruce McEwan, with Elizabeth Norton Lashley.

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