Induced TLS in tumors

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    Interferon-λ (IFN-λ) curbs neutrophil-mediated intestinal inflammation by diminishing the production of reactive oxygen species and subsequent oxidative stress. This regulatory process is unique to IFN-λ and is independent of interferon-induced transcription and translation programs.

    • Emily A Hemann
    • , Johannes Schwerk
    •  & Ram Savan
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    Caveolin-1 has a critical role in orchestrating the membrane organization of B cells. In its absence, signaling via the B cell antigen receptor and B cell tolerance are impaired, which results in autoimmunity.

    • Julie Zikherman
    •  & Clifford A Lowell
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    A two-amino-acid substitution in the transcription factor RORγt disrupts its effect in establishing the transcriptional program of TH17 cells while leaving its function in the development of thymocytes and lymphoid-tissue–inducer cells largely intact.

    • Thomas Korn

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