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C3 glomerulopathy — understanding a rare complement-driven renal disease

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  • Review Article |

    This Review describes the main signalling pathways that are coordinated by primary cilia to control developmental processes, tissue plasticity and organ function and how defects in the output of ciliary signalling events are coupled to developmental disorders and disease progression.

    • Zeinab Anvarian
    • , Kirk Mykytyn
    • , Saikat Mukhopadhyay
    • , Lotte Bang Pedersen
    •  & Søren Tvorup Christensen
  • Review Article |

    The plasma accumulation of uraemic solutes seen in chronic kidney disease is associated with dysregulated homeostasis. In this Review, Nigam and Bush discuss uraemic syndrome in the context of the remote sensing and signalling hypothesis, which describes small-molecule-mediated communication between tissues and organs.

    • Sanjay K. Nigam
    •  & Kevin T. Bush
  • Review Article |

    Wilms tumour is the most common renal malignancy of childhood. Here, the authors review the genetic landscape of Wilms tumour and discuss how precision medicine guided by genomic information might lead to new therapeutic approaches and improve patient survival.

    • Taryn Dora Treger
    • , Tanzina Chowdhury
    • , Kathy Pritchard-Jones
    •  & Sam Behjati
  • Review Article |

    This Review presents our current understanding of C3 glomerulopathy. Smith et al. discuss the histopathological diagnosis and the crucial pathogenic role of complement dysregulation. Genetic and acquired drivers of C3 glomerulopathy, potential biomarkers and available treatments are highlighted.

    • Richard J. H. Smith
    • , Gerald B. Appel
    • , Anna M. Blom
    • , H. Terence Cook
    • , Vivette D D’Agati
    • , Fadi Fakhouri
    • , Véronique Fremeaux-Bacchi
    • , Mihály Józsi
    • , David Kavanagh
    • , John D. Lambris
    • , Marina Noris
    • , Matthew C. Pickering
    • , Giuseppe Remuzzi
    • , Santiago Rodriguez de Córdoba
    • , Sanjeev Sethi
    • , Johan Van der Vlag
    • , Peter F. Zipfel
    •  & Carla M. Nester
  • Review Article |

    Macrophages are versatile immune cells that protect the host against infection but can also promote chronic inflammation and fibrosis. In this Review, the authors discuss the diverse roles of macrophages in acute and chronic renal pathology as well as potential therapeutic targets.

    • Patrick Ming-Kuen Tang
    • , David J. Nikolic-Paterson
    •  & Hui-Yao Lan
  • Review Article |

    Uraemic cardiomyopathy is the major phenotype of fatal cardiac disease in patients with end-stage renal disease. This Review focuses on the molecular mechanisms of uraemic cardiomyopathy, crosstalk between these mechanisms and implications for therapy

    • Xiaoliang Wang
    •  & Joseph I. Shapiro

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