UPDATE: Where information is available, conferences that have been cancelled, postponed or converted to a virtual format as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are noted below. Please confirm details with the event organisers. Last update: 8th December 2022.

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7–10, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
Development and 3D modeling of the human brain
Recommended reading


20–25, Snowbird, Utah, USA
Winter conference on brain research

22–27, Ventura, California, USA
GRC: Neuroimmune communication in health and disease
Recommended reading

26–29, Beaver Run Resort, Colorado, USA
Keystone: Drug delivery to the brain: challenges and progress 

MARCH 2023

5–10, Ventura, California, USA
GRC: Glial Biology: Functional Interactions Among Glia and Neurons
Recommended reading

9–14, Montreal, Canada
Computational and Systems Neuroscience (COSYNE) 2023

11–14, Kibbuz Nahsholim, Israel
EMBO workshop: Mechanisms of neuronal remodelling 
Recommended reading

25–28, San Francisco, California, USA
Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting 2023

26–29, Snowbird, Utah, USA
Keystone:  Autophagy and Neurodegeneration: Mechanisms to Therapies
Recommended reading

26–29, Janelia Farm, Virginia, USA
Navigational Algorithms and Neural Circuit Computations Directing Olfactory Search Across Species

26–30, Santa Cruz, Chile
IUBMB-EMBO workshop: Emerging concepts of the neuronal cytoskeleton 

26–31, Lucca, Italy
GRC: Dendrites: Molecules, structure and function
Recommended reading

28–1 Apr, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Brain barriers

APRIL 2023

2–7, Ventura, California, USA
GRC:  Functional Genomics of Human Brain Development and Disease
Recommended reading

16–19, Janelia Farm, Virginia, USA
Neuropeptide Signaling: Bridging Cell Biology, Neurophysiology, and Behavior

23–26, Brighton, UK
BNA 2023: Festival of Neuroscience

23–26, Rungsted Kyst, Denmark
FENS Brain Conference: Establishment and Maintenance of Brain Cell States

24–28, Awaji, Japan
CSHAsia: Novel Insights into Glia Function and Dysfunction
Recommended reading

25–28, Heidelberg, Germany
EMBO| EMBL symposium: Brain genome: regulation, evolution, and function  

27–29, San Diego, California, USA
Society for Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting

MAY 2023

7–12, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
GRC:  Parkinson’s Disease
Recommended reading

15–18, Janelia Farm, Virginia, USA
Neuro-Evo: A Comparative Approach to Cracking Circuit Function III

15–19, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Keystone:   Neurodegeneration: New Biology Guiding the Next Generation of Therapeutic Development
Recommended reading

15–19, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Keystone:   Neuroimmune Interactions: From Basic Mechanisms to Novel Therapeutic Directions

21–27, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
GRC: Modulation of Neural Circuits and Behavior

28–2 June, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
GRC: Neurotrophic Mechanisms in Health and Disease

JUNE 2023

4–9, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
GRC: Excitatory Synapses and Brain Function

11–16, Easton, Massachusetts, USA
GRC: Consciousness, Anesthesia and Evolutionary Biology

16–20, Montréal, Canada
Organization for human brain mapping 2023 Annual Meeting

25–30, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
GRC: Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Trials in Brain Tumors

JULY 2023

2–7, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
GRC: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Related Motor Neuron Diseases  

9–14, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Central Nervous System Injury and Repair
Recommended reading

9–14, South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA
GRC: Eye Movements

9–14, Castelldefels, Spain
GRC:  Amygdala function in emotion, cognition and disease
Recommended reading

16–20, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alzheimer’s Association International Conference
Recommended reading

16–21, Castelldefels, Spain
GRC: Cannabinoid Function in the CNS
Recommended reading

16–21, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
GRC:  Inhibition in the CNS
Recommended reading


6–11, Lewiston, Maine, USA
GRC: Cerebellum
Recommended reading

6–11, West Dover, Vermont, USA
GRC: Neuroethology: Behavior, Evolution and Neurobiology
Recommended reading

13–18, Castelldefels, Spain
GRC: Catecholamines
Recommended reading


7–10, Alicante, Spain
EMBO workshop: Gene regulatory mechanisms in neural fate decisions 

9–13, Granada , Spain
11th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience

18–21, Munich, Germany
EMBO workshop: Stroke-Immunology conference 


3–7, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Neurobiology of Drosophila


11–15, Washington, D.C., USA
Society for Neuroscience 2023

15–18, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Zebrafish neurobiology

28–1 Dec, Heidelberg, Germany
EMBO workshop: Subcortical sensory circuits: Visual, auditory, somatosensory, and beyond