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Volume 17 Issue 6, June 2022

Chitosan membrane for hydroxide exchange

The image depicts a membrane with 1 nm nanochannels made by crosslinking chitosan molecules with copper ions. The membrane exhibits promising performance for hydroxide exchange applications.

See Hu

IMAGE: Jiaqi Dai. COVER DESIGN: Amie Fernandez


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  • Tilting the substrate after bar-coating of colloidal perovskite nanocrystals facilitates the nanocrystal self-assembly process and enables highly efficient large-area perovskite LEDs.

    • Kang Wang
    • Letian Dou
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  • A strategy is reported for developing heterogeneous catalysts by deriving descriptors for their activity, selectivity and stability.

    • Zhi-Jian Zhao
    • Jinlong Gong
    News & Views
  • Anion-selective covalent organic framework (COF) membranes fabricated using laminar assembly and interfacial polymerization exhibit enhanced potential for osmotic power generation.

    • Laxmicharan Samineni
    • Manish Kumar
    News & Views
  • A frequency filtering method can efficiently remove the autofluorescence background and light scattering during in vivo visible and near-infrared experiments.

    • Lingfei Lu
    • Fan Zhang
    News & Views
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  • This Perspective suggests a characterization cascade for nanoparticle-based vaccines that takes into consideration the complexity of the materials and of their immunomodulatory responses, providing a roadmap for the preclinical validation of potential vaccine candidates.

    • Giuditta Guerrini
    • Davide Magrì
    • Luigi Calzolai
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