Volume 250 Issue 5464, 26 July 1974



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    Water services in Britain have recently been reorganised, with the Water Resources Board ceasing to exist on April 1, 1974. John Gribbin discusses future plans for water resources in the light of the last annual report of the Board and the growing awareness of the possible importance of climatic change.

    • John Gribbin

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    In the southern part of the South American continent a marginal basin opened behind an active andesitic island arc in the earliest Cretaceous. The basin closed again in the middle Cretaceous, during the period of fast seafloor spreading, causing the penetrative deformation of the southern Andean Cordillera.

    • Ian W. D. Dalziel
    • , Maarten J. de Wit
    •  & Keith F. Palmer
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    The vertical extent of the flow in the upper mantle may be governed by the layering of the Earth, with the lower mantle rigid enough to act as a frame of reference. A theorem deduced from basic mechanics gives the movement of the plates relative to this frame. The fit with velocities deduced from the migration of deep volcanism is excellent. Absolute velocities of trenches may be related to the slope of the sinking slabs of lithosphere.

    • L. Lliboutry
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    A 3.5 Å resolution electron density map of yeast phosphoglycerate mutase has been calculated which shows that much of the tertiary structure of this enzyme resembles that found in a number of nucleotide binding enzymes although the mutase itself has no known nucleotide binding requirement.

    • J. W. Campbell
    • , H. C. Watson
    •  & Gail I. Hodgson


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