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Physics and sustainability

The March cover illustrates the physics and sustainability theme launching this month. Can you find all the physics details on this cover?


  • Pervasive ML

    An ongoing series showcasing the breadth of machine learning applications in physics and trying to bring together different communities to share their problems and solutions.

  • On your wavelength

    On your wavelength is a new podcast about physics and publishing from the Nature journal editors. We talk to the authors and editors of recent papers discussing the latest insights.


    • Modern society relies on many interdependent networks such as electric grids, supply chain networks and ecological networks. This Perspective describes progress and challenges in harnessing insights from statistical physics and control theory to develop better control and management strategies of such complex networks and infrastructure systems.

      • Raissa M. D’Souza
      • Mario di Bernardo
      • Yang-Yu Liu
    • Diffusion is a fundamental transport mechanism that is distinct from wave propagation. Over the past decade, many approaches to control diffusion have been developed. This Review summarizes the origin, development and future of diffusion metamaterials that manipulate heat, particles and plasmas.

      • Zeren Zhang
      • Liujun Xu
      • Jiping Huang
      Review Article
    • Predicting atmospheric ice formation from aerosol particles for cloud and climate modelling remains challenging. This Review summarizes recent fundamental advances on the governing parameters that lead to ice nucleation from liquid droplets and solid substrates, applying experiments and computational theory.

      • Daniel A. Knopf
      • Peter A. Alpert
      Review Article
    • The dynamic pair distribution function (DyPDF) is an inelastic neutron scattering method that provides information about the local dynamics of a crystalline material. This Technical Review provides a comparison of data across spectrometers and outlines a robust data treatment regimen as a guide to users of this technique.

      • Kody A. Acosta
      • Helen C. Walker
      • Allyson M. Fry-Petit
      Technical Review
    • Although the complexity of quantum systems scales exponentially with their size, classical algorithms and optimization strategies can still play an important role in the characterization of quantum states, their dynamics and the detection process.

      • Valentin Gebhart
      • Raffaele Santagati
      • Cristian Bonato
      Review Article
  • 100 years ago, Arthur Compton measured a wavelength shift in an X-ray scattering experiment, which provided direct evidence for the particle theory of light. Today, Compton scattering continues to be a useful tool for research and medical applications.

    • Kirsty E. McGhee
    Research Highlight
  • Faced with the knowledge that her students would bear the brunt of the climate crisis, theoretical physicist Vandana Singh looked for ways to integrate climate education into her classroom. She advocates for a holistic approach that integrates science, transdisciplinarity, justice and action.

    • Vandana Singh
    World View
  • What can three ambitious physics experiments, currently under construction or in the start of their operational phase, show us about big science in China?

    • Ling Xin
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