Localised Majorana zero modes

The cover of the August issue shows scanning tunnelling maps of iron atom chains, displaying localised Majorana zero modes (double eyes) at the ends of the chains. 


  • Since the launch of arXiv 30 years ago, modes of information spread in society have changed dramatically — and not always for the better. Paul Ginsparg, who founded arXiv, discusses how academic experience with online preprints can still inform information sharing more generally.

    • Paul Ginsparg
  • As new events such as surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing and karate are added to the programme of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, we ponder how physics can help enhance athletic performance in elite sport.

  • A paper in Nature Machine Intelligence reports a deep-learning-based approach for measuring fluid flows using particle image velocimetry.

    • Zoe Budrikis
    Research Highlight
  • Thomas Chalopin explains how optical superlattices enhance quantum gas microscopy by enabling the preparation of low-temperature samples and the simulation of exotic models with single-site resolution.

    • Thomas Chalopin
    Tools of the Trade
  • Many scientists consider peer review a crucial part of science, but are frustrated by its perceived failures. Historian of science Melinda Baldwin suggests we consider peer review’s historical development to better understand its present-day form.

    • Melinda Baldwin
    World View
From economics to physics

From economics to physics

2020 was a year of economic turmoil in many parts of the world — and 2021 promises much of the same.