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  • Review Article |

    Nanopore sensors enable the solution-based analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and other biomolecules at the single-molecule level. This Review discusses new fabrication and sensing strategies — including field-effect transistors, quantum tunnelling and optical methods — that enhance the sensitivity and selectivity of nanopores.

    • Liang Xue
    • , Hirohito Yamazaki
    • , Ren Ren
    • , Meni Wanunu
    • , Aleksandar P. Ivanov
    •  & Joshua B. Edel
  • Review Article |

    The structure of organic semiconductor thin films influences their performance in optoelectronic devices. This Review highlights how solid-state NMR techniques can be used to investigate the structure, composition and dynamics of organic semiconductors and, thus, establish structure–property relationships.

    • Martin Seifrid
    • , G. N. Manjunatha Reddy
    • , Bradley F. Chmelka
    •  & Guillermo C. Bazan
  • Review Article |

    Synthetic amorphous silica nanoparticles are produced in tonnage quantities for a range of commercial uses. In this Review, the synthesis–structure–property relationships of synthetic amorphous silica nanoparticles are outlined, with an emphasis on biomedical applications and environmental implications.

    • Jonas G. Croissant
    • , Kimberly S. Butler
    • , Jeffrey I. Zink
    •  & C. Jeffrey Brinker
  • Review Article |

    Advances in molecular-structure design and modulation of the aggregation behaviour have enabled much progress in the observation of room-temperature phosphorescence from organic aggregates. This Review analyses key photophysical processes related to triplet excitons, illustrating the intrinsic structure–property relationships and identifying strategies to design efficient and persistent room-temperature-phosphorescent systems.

    • Weijun Zhao
    • , Zikai He
    •  & Ben Zhong Tang
  • Review Article |

    Introducing multiplicity and variation into the components of metal–organic frameworks has emerged as new fascinating directions in reticular chemistry. In this Review, the variances in the framework backbone, functionality and metal, and their leading to sequences of chemical information, are highlighted. Anisotropy in these structures is imposed by the variance and realized along a specific direction.

    • Wentao Xu
    • , Binbin Tu
    • , Qi Liu
    • , Yufei Shu
    • , Cong-Cong Liang
    • , Christian S. Diercks
    • , Omar M. Yaghi
    • , Yue-Biao Zhang
    • , Hexiang Deng
    •  & Qiaowei Li
  • Review Article |

    Natural photosynthetic systems harvest light to perform selective chemistry on atmospheric molecules such as CO2. This Review discusses the implementation of bioinspired concepts in engineered light harvesting and catalysis.

    • Andrew H. Proppe
    • , Yuguang C. Li
    • , Alán Aspuru-Guzik
    • , Curtis P. Berlinguette
    • , Christopher J. Chang
    • , Richard Cogdell
    • , Abigail G. Doyle
    • , Johannes Flick
    • , Nathaniel M. Gabor
    • , Rienk van Grondelle
    • , Sharon Hammes-Schiffer
    • , Shaffiq A. Jaffer
    • , Shana O. Kelley
    • , Mario Leclerc
    • , Karl Leo
    • , Thomas E. Mallouk
    • , Prineha Narang
    • , Gabriela S. Schlau-Cohen
    • , Gregory D. Scholes
    • , Aleksandra Vojvodic
    • , Vivian Wing-Wah Yam
    • , Jenny Y. Yang
    •  & Edward H. Sargent

News & Comment

  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Physical Review X reports the first experimental measurement of the intra-atomic exchange interaction in rare-earth atoms.

    • Giulia Pacchioni
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Nature Materials reports a nanoparticle dose threshold above which nanoparticle accumulation in the tumour substantially increases.

    • Christine Horejs
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Science reports a modelling approach to estimate the effectiveness of different intervention scenarios aimed at reducing plastic pollution.

    • Christine Horejs
  • Comment |

    3D printing enables on-demand solutions for a wide spectrum of needs ranging from personal protection equipment to medical devices and isolation wards. This versatile technology is suited to address supply–demand imbalances caused by socio-economic trends and disruptions in supply chains.

    • Yu Ying Clarrisa Choong
    • , Hong Wei Tan
    • , Deven C. Patel
    • , Wan Ting Natalie Choong
    • , Chun-Hsien Chen
    • , Hong Yee Low
    • , Ming Jen Tan
    • , Chandrakant D. Patel
    •  & Chee Kai Chua
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Nature Communications reports a 2D halide perovskite scintillator for the detection of β-rays and nuclear leakage.

    • Claire Ashworth
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition reports water oxidation using a linear conjugated polymer photocatalyst.

    • Claire Ashworth


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