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  • Review Article |

    Polymer mechanochemistry converts mechanical forces in materials to chemical reactions through the response of functional groups known as mechanophores. This Review discusses the colorimetric, mechanical, chemical and electronic responses of mechanophores that may be useful in materials for strain sensing and strengthening, soft devices and additive manufacturing.

    • Maroun Abi Ghanem
    • , Amrita Basu
    • , Reza Behrou
    • , Nicholas Boechler
    • , Andrew J. Boydston
    • , Stephen L. Craig
    • , Yangju Lin
    • , Brock E. Lynde
    • , Alshakim Nelson
    • , Hang Shen
    •  & Duane W. Storti
  • Review Article |

    Supported isolated metal atoms and subnanometric metal clusters are emerging catalytic materials. This Review discusses the influence of confining subnanometric metal species in zeolites and metal–organic frameworks on their geometric and electronic structures and catalytic performance.

    • Lichen Liu
    •  & Avelino Corma
  • Review Article |

    Metamaterials provide a platform to leverage optical signals for performing specific-purpose computational tasks with ultra-fast speeds. This Review surveys the basic principles, recent advances and promising future directions for wave-based-metamaterial analogue computing systems.

    • Farzad Zangeneh-Nejad
    • , Dimitrios L. Sounas
    • , Andrea Alù
    •  & Romain Fleury
  • Review Article |

    Materials science provides tools and technologies for the protection against viral infections, as well as for the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of viral diseases. This Review discusses present and future directions in antiviral materials-science research, with a focus on COVID-19.

    • Zhongmin Tang
    • , Na Kong
    • , Xingcai Zhang
    • , Yuan Liu
    • , Ping Hu
    • , Shan Mou
    • , Peter Liljeström
    • , Jianlin Shi
    • , Weihong Tan
    • , Jong Seung Kim
    • , Yihai Cao
    • , Robert Langer
    • , Kam W. Leong
    • , Omid C. Farokhzad
    •  & Wei Tao
  • Review Article |

    This Review discusses non-metallic charge carriers for aqueous batteries, investigating fundamental mechanisms of charge storage and electrode interactions, as well as battery design and performance.

    • Guojin Liang
    • , Funian Mo
    • , Xiulei Ji
    •  & Chunyi Zhi
  • Review Article |

    Cellulose nanocrystals are rigid rod-shaped nanoparticles that show promise as additives in composites, emulsions, foams and biomedical devices and as rheological modifiers. In this Review, the authors guide end users towards selecting cellulose sources and production routes that optimize the performance of cellulose nanocrystals in their intended application.

    • Oriana M. Vanderfleet
    •  & Emily D. Cranston

News & Comment

  • Comment |

    In February 2019, we co-founded LatinXinBME to build a diverse and welcoming virtual community of Latinx researchers in biomedical engineering (BME). We leverage digital tools and community mentoring approaches to support our members and to build safe spaces in academia, with the aim to diversify the academic workforce in STEM.

    • Brian A. Aguado
    •  & Ana M. Porras
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Advanced Healthcare Materials reports a tumour-on-a-chip platform for the high throughput-screening of cancer drugs.

    • Christine Horejs
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Communications Materials reports untethered magnetic soft robots that can perform large-degree deformations at high frequencies in low magnetic fields.

    • Christine Horejs
  • In the Classroom |

    Advanced research microscopes in universities can be used to enhance the education of STEM students, as demonstrated by initiatives at Johns Hopkins University that give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with sophisticated microscopes.

    • Suhas Eswarappa Prameela
    • , Patricia M. McGuiggan
    • , Amy Brusini
    • , Trevor W. Glenn
    •  & Timothy P. Weihs
  • Comment |

    We must all ask ourselves critical questions about our role in the persistence of racism in academia, its effects on our colleagues and intentional actions to improve equity for all.

    • Manu O. Platt
  • Research Highlight |

    An article in Physical Review X reports the first experimental measurement of the intra-atomic exchange interaction in rare-earth atoms.

    • Giulia Pacchioni


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Battery materials and technologies

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