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Subduction erosion; ineternal wave-driven mixing; deforestation and reforestation impacts on tropical soils; impacts and decarbonization strategies in the concrete industry.

Latest Reviews

  • Perspective |

    Beach nourishment is a well-established engineering practice to slow erosion and maintain or expand sandy beaches, but sea level rise, diminishing sand resources and recreational, groundwater and ecological concerns require new assessments and designs of this coastal management technique. This Perspective describes the multidisciplinary aims and impacts of sandy beach nourishment.

    • Matthieu A. de Schipper
    • , Bonnie C. Ludka
    • , Britt Raubenheimer
    • , Arjen P. Luijendijk
    •  & Thomas. A. Schlacher
  • Review Article |

    The processes leading to large earthquakes remain enigmatic. Using detailed seismic and geodetic data, this Review examines how tectonic deformation and evolving fault behaviour initiate large earthquakes, and proposes an integrated model accounting for the diversity of observations.

    • Aitaro Kato
    •  & Yehuda Ben-Zion
  • Review Article |

    Although it was assumed for decades that the Earth’s mantle could not be magnetic, recent evidence suggests that parts of the upper mantle have magnetic remanence. This Review critically revisits mantle magnetism, discusses recent magnetic data and identifies unresolved questions about the sources of this magnetism.

    • Eric C. Ferré
    • , Ilya Kupenko
    • , Fátima Martín-Hernández
    • , Dhananjay Ravat
    •  & Carmen Sanchez-Valle
  • Review Article |

    Large changes in Greenland and North Atlantic temperature — termed Dansgaard–Oeschger cycles — have been linked to variations in the strength of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. However, the mechanisms are debated. This Review proposes an oscillatory framework to explain Dansgaard–Oeschger cyclicity, involving atmosphere–ocean–ice interactions.

    • Laurie C. Menviel
    • , Luke C. Skinner
    • , Lev Tarasov
    •  & Polychronis C. Tzedakis
  • Review Article |

    The 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, released large amounts of radionuclides, including 10 PBq of relatively long-lived radiocaesium, into the atmosphere. This Review details the distribution, migration and impact of fallout radionuclides in the terrestrial environment in the subsequent years.

    • Yuichi Onda
    • , Keisuke Taniguchi
    • , Kazuya Yoshimura
    • , Hiroaki Kato
    • , Junko Takahashi
    • , Yoshifumi Wakiyama
    • , Frederic Coppin
    •  & Hugh Smith
  • Review Article |

    Wind energy production has increased in recent years to mitigate climate change. However, climate change may itself modify wind energy resources. This Review discusses the climatic mechanisms influencing current and future wind energy production, finding spatial variability in projected responses and a dominance of internal variability.

    • Sara C. Pryor
    • , Rebecca J. Barthelmie
    • , Melissa S. Bukovsky
    • , L. Ruby Leung
    •  & Koichi Sakaguchi

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