The build-up and triggers of volcanic eruptions

  • Luca Caricchi
  • Meredith Townsend
  • Atsuko Namiki
Review Article


  • An article in Climate Dynamics documents tropical cyclone characteristics in the northern Indian Ocean, revealing marked changes in the Arabian Sea.

    • Graham Simpkins
    Research Highlight
  • An article in JGR Biogeosciences measures ebullitive methane fluxes in an Amazon floodplain.

    • Laura Zinke
    Research Highlight
  • An article in Nature Geoscience reveals that sedimentary carbon from the Indus Fan was subducted into the Makran Trench and efficiently returned to the near-surface within ~27 million years or less.

    • Erin Scott
    Research Highlight
  • Dave O’Leary describes how airborne radiometric surveys characterize physical properties of peat.

    • Dave O’Leary
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