Causes, impacts and patterns of disastrous river floods

  • Bruno Merz
  • Günter Blöschl
  • Elena Macdonald
Review Article


    • The use of isotopes has provided key insights into the Earth system, but their use can be fraught with experimental and theoretical pitfalls. This Technical Review explains the use of and fractionation factors associated with hydrogen, carbon and oxygen isotopes in water cycle and CO2–carbonate–water system studies.

      • Claude Hillaire-Marcel
      • Sang-Tae Kim
      • Hans Christian Steen-Larsen
      Technical Review
    • The transition to renewable energy will require a notable quantity of technology metals and materials; however, production of technology materials causes substantial environmental damage. This Review discusses the raw material extraction approaches that optimize technical performance and reduce environmental impact.

      • Robert Pell
      • Laurens Tijsseling
      • Phoebe Whattoff
      Review Article
    • Grasslands provide key ecosystem services, but their protection is often ignored in sustainable policy. This Perspective describes grassland degradation and sets out the steps needed to protect these systems and promote their restoration.

      • Richard D. Bardgett
      • James M. Bullock
      • Hongxiao Shi
    • Tropical teleconnections can influence polar climates through the generation of stationary Rossby waves. This Review outlines the dynamics and impacts of long-term tropical–polar connections on the Antarctic climate, which include warming trends and ice mass loss in West Antarctica.

      • Xichen Li
      • Wenju Cai
      • Chentao Song
      Review Article
    • Although the presence of ‘light’ elements (such as S, Si, O, C and H) can explain the core’s density deficit, the exact composition of the Earth’s core remains unknown. This Review explores the likely range of outer and inner core compositions and their implications.

      • Kei Hirose
      • Bernard Wood
      • Lidunka Vočadlo
      Review Article
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating plastic pollution. A shift in waste management practices is thus urgently needed to close the plastic loop, requiring governments, researchers and industries working towards intelligent design and sustainable upcycling.

    • Xiangzhou Yuan
    • Xiaonan Wang
    • Yong Sik Ok
  • An article in JGR Solid Earth identified that basalt-hosted megathrusts are not necessarily the nucleation source of large megathrust earthquakes.

    • Erin Scott
    Research Highlight
  • An article in Climatic Change outlines the economic benefits of proactive adaptation for US-based rail, road and coastal infrastructure.

    • Graham Simpkins
    Research Highlight
  • Earth sciences are fundamental to tackling climate change, natural hazards and the energy transition, yet universities worldwide are putting geoscience departments on the chopping block — right when they are needed most.