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  • This Perspective describes current clinical standards for intraoperative tissue analysis in oncology and discusses potential clinical implementations of intraoperative imaging for pathology-assisted surgery.

    • Floris J. Voskuil
    • Jasper Vonk
    • Gooitzen M. van Dam
  • This Perspective argues that technologies for the neural interfacing of robotic devices with the body that have been clinically tested in humans should be leveraged toward the creation of a new generation of high-performance bionic limbs.

    • Dario Farina
    • Ivan Vujaklija
    • Oskar C. Aszmann
  • This Perspective reviews imaging technologies for 3D pathology, and the associated computational tools for image processing and interpretation.

    • Jonathan T. C. Liu
    • Adam K. Glaser
    • Anant Madabhushi
  • This Perspective summarizes the most recent developments in the bioprinting of cartilage, bone and skin for clinical applications, and discusses translational challenges and opportunities in the fabrication of complex 3D-printed tissues and organs.

    • Sean V. Murphy
    • Paolo De Coppi
    • Anthony Atala
  • This Perspective overviews immunotherapies leveraging engineering approaches, including the design of biomaterials, delivery strategies and nanotechnology solutions, for the realization of individualized cancer treatments.

    • Lindsay Scheetz
    • Kyung Soo Park
    • James J. Moon
  • This Perspective discusses opportunities and challenges, and proposes a roadmap, for the clinical implementation of optical-imaging biomarkers and technologies for the early detection of cancer.

    • Dale J. Waterhouse
    • Catherine R. M. Fitzpatrick
    • Sarah E. Bohndiek
  • This Perspective describes the current state of point-of-care sensors for the diagnosis and monitoring of sepsis, and outlines opportunities for their use in improving the care of sepsis patients.

    • B. Reddy Jr
    • U. Hassan
    • R. Bashir
  • This Perspective argues that a significant number of bone fractures in the elderly are insufficiency fractures caused by cyclic loading from daily activities, which induces fatigue cracking, rather than the result of impacts or trauma.

    • Claire Acevedo
    • Vincent A. Stadelmann
    • Robert O. Ritchie
  • This Perspective discusses recent technological developments in flow cytometry and DNA sequencing that enable the interrogation of T-cell specificities in infection, cancer and autoimmunity to inform disease development and treatment.

    • Sine Reker Hadrup
    • Evan W. Newell
  • This Perspective puts forward the concept of medical-device-on-a-chip, that is, a microphysiological system that leverages organ-on-a-chip technology for the development and testing of medical devices.

    • Allan Guan
    • Parisa Hamilton
    • K. Scott Phillips
  • Drawing from recent successes in cancer immunotherapy, this Perspective discusses that effective cancer-nanomedicine therapies can be designed to prime antitumour immunity far from the site of disease.

    • Wen Jiang
    • Christina A. von Roemeling
    • Betty Y. S. Kim