Quantum physics

Quantum physics is the study of matter and energy at its most fundamental level. A central tenet of quantum physics is that energy comes in indivisible packets called quanta. Quanta behave very differently to macroscopic matter: particles can behave like waves, and waves behave as though they are particles.


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    The time it takes for a particle to tunnel through a potential barrier, and even the interpretation of this phenomenon, have long drawn debate. By performing an attosecond angular streaking experiment in connection with ab initio calculations, researchers have concluded that tunnelling is instantaneous for atomic hydrogen.

    • Jan M. Rost
    •  & Ulf Saalmann
    Nature Photonics 13, 439-440
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    It is extremely difficult to observe the radiation that is thought to be emitted by black holes. The properties of this radiation have now been analysed using an analogue black hole comprising a system of ultracold atoms.

    • Silke Weinfurtner
    Nature 569, 634-635
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    Supersolids are highly sought-after structures whose atoms can simultaneously support frictionless flow and form a crystal. Hallmarks of a supersolid have now been observed in three experiments that involve quantum gases of dipolar atoms.

    • Lode Pollet
    Nature 569, 494-495