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Volume 25 Issue 12, December 2018

Volume 25 Issue 12

Order in cell division

A PxL motif functions as a docking motif for substrates of yeast phosphatase Cdc14, contributing to the proper timing of dephosphorylation and ensuring orderly mitotic exit.

See Kataria et al. 25, 1093–1102 (2018)

Image: Meghna Kataria/Jeroen Claus (Phospho Biomedical Animation). Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.



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    Recent advances in the ability to detect mRNA base modifications have led to a renewed appreciation for the diversity of the epitranscriptome and its ability to influence gene expression. Now, a study in Cell adds acetylated cytidine (ac4C) to the list, identifying it as a widespread mark in cellular mRNAs that influences both mRNA stability and translation.

    • Seung H. Choi
    • Kate D. Meyer


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