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B cells in the pathogenesis of primary Sjögren syndrome

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  • Review |

    Proteinases orchestrate many processes in inflammatory arthritis, but their ability to signal via proteolytically activated receptors is often overlooked. This Review provides an overview of proteinases and their receptors in inflammatory arthritis, alongside suggestions for therapeutically targeting these pathways.

    • Katerina Oikonomopoulou
    • , Eleftherios P. Diamandis
    • , Morley D. Hollenberg
    •  & Vinod Chandran
  • Review |

    The presence of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies (ACPAs) is a useful biomarker in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). New technological advances are helping to unravel the role of the anti-citrullinated antigen response in RA pathogenesis, in particular, the contribution of ACPAs, ACPA glycosylation and ACPA-expressing B cells.

    • Hans Ulrich Scherer
    • , Tom W. J. Huizinga
    • , Gerhard Krönke
    • , Georg Schett
    •  & Rene E. M. Toes
  • Review |

    Primary Sjögren syndrome (pSS) is characterized by B cell infiltrates in the salivary glands and an increased risk of B cell lymphoma. In this Review, the authors describe the myriad ways that B cells are involved in the pathogenesis of pSS.

    • Gaëtane Nocturne
    •  & Xavier Mariette
  • Review |

    The heterogeneity of autoimmune rheumatic diseases, and their shared clinical and molecular features, makes classifying and diagnosing these diseases difficult and highlights the need for a new taxonomy. Reclassifying these diseases according to the underlying molecular mechanisms might lead to novel insights into disease mechanisms and enable better patient stratification.

    • Guillermo Barturen
    • , Lorenzo Beretta
    • , Ricard Cervera
    • , Ronald Van Vollenhoven
    •  & Marta E. Alarcón-Riquelme
  • Review |

    Preclinical studies suggest that the lymphatic system has a critical role in the pathogenesis and therapy of inflammatory-erosive arthritis. These findings, and complementary data from human studies, highlight the translational potential of assessing and modulating the lymphatic system in patients with chronic arthritis.

    • Echoe M. Bouta
    • , Richard D. Bell
    • , Homaira Rahimi
    • , Lianping Xing
    • , Ronald W. Wood
    • , Clifton O. Bingham III
    • , Christopher T. Ritchlin
    •  & Edward M. Schwarz
  • Review |

    Osteoimmunology, the study of the complex interactions between bone and the immune system, is progressing rapidly as a field. In this Review, the authors highlight key advances in osteoimmunology and discuss how they relate to rheumatic diseases.

    • Matthew C. Walsh
    • , Noriko Takegahara
    • , Hyunsoo Kim
    •  & Yongwon Choi

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