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  • Perspective |

    The development of treatment for multiple sclerosis over the past 25 years is a success of translational medicine. In this Timeline article, Tintore et al. chart major developments and discuss the implications for current and future patient management.

    • Mar Tintore
    • , Angela Vidal-Jordana
    •  & Jaume Sastre-Garriga
  • Review Article |

    Advances in biomarker research are aiding the development of targeted therapies and prevention strategies for Alzheimer disease (AD). In this Review, an international working group assesses the current status of blood-based AD biomarkers and outlines a roadmap for future research.

    • Harald Hampel
    • , Sid E. O’Bryant
    • , José L. Molinuevo
    • , Henrik Zetterberg
    • , Colin L. Masters
    • , Simone Lista
    • , Steven J. Kiddle
    • , Richard Batrla
    •  & Kaj Blennow
  • Review Article |

    Prevention of dementia through moderation of risk factors presents a promising strategy to counter the rising dementia epidemic. In this Review, Kivipelto and colleagues discuss lifestyle-related risk factors for dementia, results from clinical trials of lifestyle interventions and new multinational initiatives that aim to identify and test effective dementia prevention strategies.

    • Miia Kivipelto
    • , Francesca Mangialasche
    •  & Tiia Ngandu
  • Perspective |

    Many disorders of brain and behaviour affect human and veterinary patients. In this Perspectives, Orrin Devinsky and colleagues outline a cross-species approach to understanding neurological and psychiatric conditions, including pain, cognitive decline, epilepsy, anxiety and CNS infections, and propose that collaborations between physicians and veterinarians will generate new insights for therapy development.

    • Orrin Devinsky
    • , Jordyn M. Boesch
    • , Sofia Cerda-Gonzalez
    • , Barbara Coffey
    • , Kathryn Davis
    • , Daniel Friedman
    • , Brian Hainline
    • , Katherine Houpt
    • , Daniel Lieberman
    • , Pamela Perry
    • , Harald Prüss
    • , Martin A. Samuels
    • , Gary W. Small
    • , Holger Volk
    • , Artur Summerfield
    • , Charles Vite
    • , Thomas Wisniewski
    •  & Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
  • Review Article |

    In this Review, the authors describe the current data detailing the role of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (TREM2) in microglial biology and Alzheimer disease (AD), and discuss the possibility of targeting TREM2 as a treatment for AD.

    • Tyler K. Ulland
    •  & Marco Colonna
  • Review Article |

    In this Review, Khalil et al. consider how technological advances have enabled the detection of neurofilament proteins in the blood, and discuss how these proteins consequently have the potential to be easily measured biomarkers of neuroaxonal injury in various neurological conditions.

    • Michael Khalil
    • , Charlotte E. Teunissen
    • , Markus Otto
    • , Fredrik Piehl
    • , Maria Pia Sormani
    • , Thomas Gattringer
    • , Christian Barro
    • , Ludwig Kappos
    • , Manuel Comabella
    • , Franz Fazekas
    • , Axel Petzold
    • , Kaj Blennow
    • , Henrik Zetterberg
    •  & Jens Kuhle

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Stroke as a neurological disease

Philip Patenall

Stroke as a neurological disease

To mark the reclassification of stroke as a neurological disease in the new International Classification of Disease, this collection brings you a selection of articles that address some of the latest and most exciting advances in stroke, including Reviews and commentaries written by world-leading stroke neurologists.

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