Volume 1 Issue 6, June 2017

Volume 1 Issue 6

Long-lasting implanted biomaterials

This focus issue highlights strategies for increasing the functional durability of implanted biomaterials.

The cover illustrates a subcutaneously-implanted scaffold for the study and modulation of a pre-metastatic niche (Review Article).

Image by Katie Aguado.


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Review Article

  • Review Article |

    This Review discusses advances in implantable biomaterials that mimic the pre-metastatic niche and regulate the behaviour of tumour cells at the implant site, and their prospects for the detection of metastasis and for therapeutic interventions.

    • Brian A. Aguado
    • , Grace G. Bushnell
    • , Shreyas S. Rao
    • , Jacqueline S. Jeruss
    •  & Lonnie D. Shea