4D printing of reconfigurable metamaterials and devices

  • Teunis van Manen
  • Shahram Janbaz
  • Amir A. Zadpoor



  • Halide perovskites recently attracted wide attention for light emitting applications. Here, octahedral distortion in halide double perovskites Cs2AgMCl6, induced by the mixture of trivalent M-cations Bi3+, In3+, and Sb3+, gives rise to enhanced white light emissivity and longer photoluminescence lifetimes.

    • Tamilselvan Appadurai
    • Ravi Kashikar
    • Aravind Kumar Chandiran
    Article Open Access
  • Understanding the mechanism of supercooling suppression by crystallization seeds is important for designing semiclathrate hydrates for latent heat storage materials. Here, we show that 10-30 nm cluster formation around silver nanoparticles promotes crystallization of supercooled aqueous solutions.

    • Hironobu Machida
    • Takeshi Sugahara
    • Izumi Hirasawa
    Article Open Access
  • The redistribution of water molecules when an ion passes through a nanopore is known to create complex patterns. Here, an analytical model accurately predicts the patterns when an ion passes through a graphene nanopore, and reveals the physical origins of the patterns.

    • Miraslau L. Barabash
    • William A. T. Gibby
    • Peter V. E. McClintock
    Article Open Access
  • There is growing interest in flexible electronic devices, though their soft nature can make them vulnerable to damage. Here, a liquid metal-elastomer composite is shown to self-heal, can be stretched 1200% with limited change in electrical resistance, and the conductive circuit can be reconfigured.

    • Ravi Tutika
    • A. B. M. Tahidul Haque
    • Michael D. Bartlett
    Article Open Access
  • Topological boundary modes in mechanical systems have recently attracted great attention due to their unique protection features. Here, tunable corner localization of mechanical waves is numerically and experimentally demonstrated in a continuous elastic plate with hexagonally arranged bolts.

    • Chun-Wei Chen
    • Rajesh Chaunsali
    • Jinkyu Yang
    Article Open Access
  • Understanding adhesion mechanisms for polymer composites is challenging due to the bonded interface being buried. Here, soft X-rays are used to probe the chemical and physical nature of the interface, revealing multiscale factors that influence the adhesion mechanism and bond strength.

    • Hiroyuki Yamane
    • Masaki Oura
    • Takaki Hatsui
    Article Open Access
  • The study of water at high pressure and temperature is essential for understanding planetary interiors but is hampered by the high reactivity of water at extreme conditions. Here, indirect X-ray laser heating of water in a diamond anvil cell is realized via a gold absorber, showing no evidence of reactivity.

    • Rachel J. Husband
    • R. Stewart McWilliams
    • Hanns-Peter Liermann
    Article Open Access