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Nature Reviews
Welcome to the Nature Reviews journals web focus on Microscopy — a selection of recently published Reviews, Perspectives and Highlights on this topic. The articles on this page were made freely available from July 2004 to December 2004.
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From the Nature Reviews editors
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current highlights
Flagella propeller unveiled Flagella propeller unveiled
Flagella, which many bacteria use to swim, couple a powerful biological motor... [ more]
Look deep into my brain... Look deep into my brain...
The idea that a microscope can be used to study the cortex in living, behaving animals is amazing...[ more]

 Finding your way
No matter how specific a drug is and how effective it is at killing cancer cells in vitro...[ more]

 Opening communication channels
Clear communication is a key requirement for successful working relationships...[ more]

 The complete picture
Gene-expression events are intricately linked — and there is now a way to view...[ more]

 Phagosome escapology
Mycobacterium marinum causes a systemic tuberculosis-like disease in its natural hosts...[ more]


Looking forward to seeing calcium
Rüdiger Rudolf, Marco Mongillo, Rosario Rizzuto & Tullio Pozzan
Abstract | Full Text | PDF


Intravital imaging of cell movement in tumours
John Condeelis & Jeffrey E. Segall
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Using nanotechniques to explore microbial surfaces
Yves F. Dufrêne
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Electron microscopy in cell biology: integrating structure and function
Abraham J. Koster & Judith Klumperman
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

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