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Liquid, glass and amorphous MOFs

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  • Review Article |

    Sound waves can be manipulated using structurally designed 2D materials of subwavelength thickness. This emerging field, namely, acoustic metasurfaces, is driven by the desire to control acoustic wave propagation using compact devices.

    • Badreddine Assouar
    • , Bin Liang
    • , Ying Wu
    • , Yong Li
    • , Jian-Chun Cheng
    •  & Yun Jing
  • Review Article |

    Cells can be transplanted into the body to both repair injured or diseased tissue and restore tissue function. This Review discusses how biomaterial design strategies can be used to improve cell survival, influence the fate of transplanted cells, and favourably manipulate the host microenvironment and the immune system.

    • Nikolaos Mitrousis
    • , Ana Fokina
    •  & Molly S. Shoichet
  • Review Article |

    Graphene-integrated photonics is a platform for wafer-scale manufacturing of modulators, detectors and switches for next-generation datacom and telecom systems. This Review describes how these functions can be achieved with graphene layers placed on top of optical waveguides, acting as passive light guides, thus simplifying the current technology. In addition, a roadmap of the technological requirements for the datacom and telecom markets is presented.

    • Marco Romagnoli
    • , Vito Sorianello
    • , Michele Midrio
    • , Frank H. L. Koppens
    • , Cedric Huyghebaert
    • , Daniel Neumaier
    • , Paola Galli
    • , Wolfgang Templ
    • , Antonio D’Errico
    •  & Andrea C. Ferrari
  • Review Article |

    A responsive material in the form of a polymer or hydrogel can be combined with a signal transduction element in the form of plasmonic particles, resulting in hybrid plasmonic polymer nanocomposites. In this Review, the fabrication and applications of such nanocomposites are discussed. The applications described focus on optical data storage, sensing and imaging and the use of photothermal gels for in vivo therapy.

    • Isabel Pastoriza-Santos
    • , Calum Kinnear
    • , Jorge Pérez-Juste
    • , Paul Mulvaney
    •  & Luis M. Liz-Marzán
  • Review Article |

    This Review discusses how biomaterials can be used to recreate and understand the influence of specific tumour microenvironment properties on cancer progression and highlights materials-based strategies to capture, detect and assess metastatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.

    • Pranjali Beri
    • , Bibiana F. Matte
    • , Laurent Fattet
    • , Daehwan Kim
    • , Jing Yang
    •  & Adam J. Engler

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