Nature Reviews Materials: Focus Issue on 2D Materials

November 2016

In this Collection, we explore the field of 2D materials with articles on their synthesis, fundamental properties, and the devices they enable. 

Graphene and other 2D materials are intensely studied because they are promising for applications as diverse as electronics, valleytronics, catalysis and biosensing. The wealth of available materials is impressive and includes single-element layers such as graphene and phosphorene, and mixed-atom layer materials such as transition metal dichalcogenides, MXenes, and van der Waals heterostructures. The range of properties that 2D materials can exhibit includes high carrier mobilities, superconductivity, mechanical flexibility, good thermal conductivity and high optical and UV adsorption.

In this Collection of Comments, Research Highlights and Reviews, we hope to reveal the challenges facing the commercialization of 2D materials, their adoption in biomedicine and other application areas.

Image credit: Andrey Prokhorov