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Volume 17 Issue 3, March 2021

Volume 17 Issue 3

Food as medicine, inspired by the Review on p153.

Cover design: Lara Crow


  • Comment |

    Regular physical activity can help people to live well with kidney disease, yet the promotion, funding, level of interest, and general support of physical activity remains poor. Novel high-quality approaches to increase physical activity must be considered, and practical means of scaling up effective interventions at the population level are required.

    • Thomas J. Wilkinson
    • Alice C. Smith
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    Insomnia is common among patients on maintenance haemodialysis and may be exacerbated by the challenges of the COVID pandemic. However, data on the efficacy of insomnia interventions in this population are limited. Efforts are needed to address this important problem and increase access to insomnia interventions for patients on haemodialysis.

    • Daniel Cukor
    • Mark Unruh
    • Rajnish Mehrotra
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    Older adults receiving dialysis commonly experience poor quality of life. A cyclical process of quality of life assessment, needs assessment and individualized care plans should be implemented to integrate quality of life into care planning. Improvements in health-care delivery and interpersonal communication are needed to prioritize quality of life.

    • Rasheeda K. Hall

Research Highlights


  • Review Article |

    Here, the authors discuss the mechanisms by which food and specific nutrients could affect the uraemic phenotype in chronic kidney disease (CKD). They suggest that a food-as-medicine approach could potentially be used to prevent and treat CKD and its complications.

    • Denise Mafra
    • Natalia A. Borges
    • Peter Stenvinkel
  • Review Article |

    Nuclear receptors have important roles in normal physiological functions and in the pathophysiology of various diseases. Here, the authors focus on the roles of nuclear receptors in podocyte biology and non-diabetic glomerular disease as well as their potential as therapeutic targets.

    • Shipra Agrawal
    • John C. He
    • Pierre-Louis Tharaux
  • Review Article |

    Technological advances continue to expand the use of proteomics in medicine. In this Review, the authors discuss proteomics research findings in nephrology and the potential, as well as the limitations, of using proteomics techniques to uncover disease mechanisms and develop new therapeutic strategies.

    • Markus M. Rinschen
    • Julio Saez-Rodriguez


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