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  • With combination antiretroviral therapy, HIV becomes a chronic, manageable condition. Ellis and colleagues explore how this has altered the time course of cognitive impairment associated with infection, the mechanisms underlying HIV-mediated neuropathology and potential strategies for diagnosis and treatment.

    • Ronald Ellis
    • Dianne Langford
    • Eliezer Masliah
    Review Article
  • Microglial activation in response to environmental toxins or endogenous proteins might make a key contribution to neuronal damage after injury and in neurodegenerative diseases. Block and colleagues describe recent insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the overactivation of microglia.

    • Michelle L. Block
    • Luigi Zecca
    • Jau-Shyong Hong
    Review Article
  • A central issue that has persisted throughout centuries of pain research concerns whether pain is an independent sensation with dedicated neural mechanisms. Perl documents the history of research since 1800, highlighting this and other important ideas about pain.

    • Edward R. Perl
  • Gamma oscillations have been implicated in higher brain functions, including memory formation, and may be disturbed in some psychiatric disorders. Jonas and colleagues describe the synaptic mechanisms by which gamma oscillations are generated in inhibitory interneuron networks in the hippocampus.

    • Marlene Bartos
    • Imre Vida
    • Peter Jonas
    Review Article