Blood pressure variability

Blood pressure and its variability

Classic and novel measurement techniques



  • Cold shock domain-containing protein E1 (CSDE1) has been identified as a novel post-transcriptional regulator of LDL receptor levels in the liver.

    • Gregory B. Lim
    Research Highlight
  • The proportion of female cardiologists is increasing in China, and they have special roles in clinical management and research. As the president of the Chinese Society of Cardiology, I believe female cardiologists excel in finding ways to balance family life with their career goals when they receive adequate support.

    • Yaling Han
    World View
  • As a Brazilian female cardiologist who has held leadership positions since my 40s, I understand the difficulties that women face in trying to achieve recognition and senior positions. I believe the awareness and joint efforts of both women and men can help build a more equitable future.

    • Andréa A. Brandão
    World View
  • Among patients in a coma after resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, a restrictive versus liberal oxygenation strategy, or a target mean arterial blood pressure of 77 mmHg versus a target of 63 mmHg, did not affect the risk of neurological disability or death.

    • Karina Huynh
    Research Highlight


Anticoagulant drugs are used to prevent and treat thrombotic disorders in millions of patients worldwide. This Milestone plots the history of anticoagulant drugs, starting with the discovery and clinical trials of heparin and warfarin.


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