Volume 13 Issue 2, February 2018

Volume 13 Issue 2

Cooling the junction

It has been theoretically predicted that certain molecules can have a large Seebeck coefficient and therefore be useful in thermoelectric power conversion applications. Now, Cui et al. have developed a very sensitive calorimeter that allows the direct determination of the heat absorbed or dissipated in a molecular junction with picowatt sensitivity. With this instrument they observe refrigeration (Peltier cooling) in several molecular systems. The image is an artist's depiction of the molecular junction based on an oil painting on masonite by Sara Adlerstein. The blue (cold) and red (hot) regions are bridged by aromatic molecules. The red spheres represent electrons that are carrying heat from the cold to the hot region

See Cui, L et al.

Image: Sara Adlerstein, University of Michigan. Cover Design: Alex Wing


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    A new surface functionalization method opens the way towards high-performance organic electronic devices on flexible substrates.

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    Interdisciplinarity highlights the uniqueness of nanoscience.

Research Highlights

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Removing nuclear spins by means of isotopically purified silicon, and introducing magnetic field gradients by means of microfabricated ferromagnets yields electron spin qubits with enhanced fidelity and fast electrical control.

    • Silvano De Franceschi
  • News & Views |

    Tunnel junctions fabricated over a large area provide a platform for efficient generation and utilization of hot carriers.

    • Jason Valentine
  • News & Views |

    Under specific conditions, molecular monolayers dissipate power more than they heat up at one end of a molecular junction, validating theoretical predictions of Peltier cooling.

    • Keehoon Kang
    •  & Takhee Lee
  • News & Views |

    Electrical control over quantum confinement opens a new avenue for spatial manipulation of charge carriers and bound excited states for quantum opto-electronics.

    • Deep Jariwala


  • Letter |

    Quantum control on an isotopically enriched Si spin qubit is demonstrated with ultrahigh gate fidelities and long coherence times —  even in the presence of sizeable charge noise.

    • Jun Yoneda
    • , Kenta Takeda
    • , Tomohiro Otsuka
    • , Takashi Nakajima
    • , Matthieu R. Delbecq
    • , Giles Allison
    • , Takumu Honda
    • , Tetsuo Kodera
    • , Shunri Oda
    • , Yusuke Hoshi
    • , Noritaka Usami
    • , Kohei M. Itoh
    •  & Seigo Tarucha
  • Letter |

    The spin accumulation in graphene can be enhanced by a thermal gradient as a result of a thermoelectric spin voltage owing to an effective spin-dependent Seebeck coefficient.

    • Juan F. Sierra
    • , Ingmar Neumann
    • , Jo Cuppens
    • , Bart Raes
    • , Marius V. Costache
    •  & Sergio O. Valenzuela
  • Letter |

    The rectification ratio of a molecular junction made of a self-assembled monolayer of di-nuclear ruthenium-complex molecules can be varied by more than three orders of magnitude by controlling relative humidity.

    • Huseyin Atesci
    • , Veerabhadrarao Kaliginedi
    • , Jose A. Celis Gil
    • , Hiroaki Ozawa
    • , Joseph M. Thijssen
    • , Peter Broekmann
    • , Masa-aki Haga
    •  & Sense Jan van der Molen
  • Letter |

    A calorimetry technique with picowatt sensitivity enables the experimental observation of cooling in molecular junctions.

    • Longji Cui
    • , Ruijiao Miao
    • , Kun Wang
    • , Dakotah Thompson
    • , Linda Angela Zotti
    • , Juan Carlos Cuevas
    • , Edgar Meyhofer
    •  & Pramod Reddy
  • Letter |

    Formation of a homogeneous two-dimensional electron gas in transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures allows for efficient electrical control of charge carriers and excitons.

    • Ke Wang
    • , Kristiaan De Greve
    • , Luis A. Jauregui
    • , Andrey Sushko
    • , Alexander High
    • , You Zhou
    • , Giovanni Scuri
    • , Takashi Taniguchi
    • , Kenji Watanabe
    • , Mikhail D. Lukin
    • , Hongkun Park
    •  & Philip Kim


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In the Classroom

  • In the Classroom |

    Ronit Satchi-Fainaro reflects on decision making in science and in life.

    • Ronit Satchi-Fainaro
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