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  • Multidimensional synchrotron in operando studies of the electrode–electrolyte interface disclose the manganese dissolution and redeposition dynamics on the electrodes upon cycling.

    • Seongkoo Kang
    • Seonyong Cho
    • Yong-Mook Kang
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  • High-energy electrons that collide at a beam splitter repel each other because of strong Coulomb interactions, which could be harnessed for quantum information processing.

    • Fredrik Brange
    • Christian Flindt
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  • Floatable hydrogel photocatalytic platform at the air–water interface features practical advantages for scale-up of solar H2 production with light delivery, supply of water, and instantaneous gas separation.

    • Mingshan Zhu
    • Zhi Li
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  • Growth of molybdenum disulfide at 275 °C and monolithic integration of 2D transistors with silicon complementary metal oxide semiconductor circuits have been demonstrated.

    • Max C. Lemme
    • Alwin Daus
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  • Single blood vessel analysis by artificial intelligence (AI) reveals heterogeneous vascular permeability among different tumour types, which is leveraged in rationally designing protein nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems to achieve active trans-endothelial permeability in tumours.

    • Lutz Nuhn
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  • A study of the transport of gold nanoparticles in the kidney nephron shows a previously unreported transport pathway.

    • Robert Unwin
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  • Combination of physical tissue expansion and super-resolution radial fluctuations achieves nanoscale resolution in pathology specimens with LED-based widefield microscopy.

    • Brendan R. Gallagher
    • Yongxin Zhao
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  • An in-memory factorization device, based on a phase-change material, shows enhanced capabilities in solving large-scale factorization problems due to improved energy, area and time efficiencies of the memory function.

    • Yingming Lu
    • Yuchao Yang
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  • The n- and p-type channel characteristics of WSe2 are exploited to implement multiply–accumulate and activation functions simultaneously in an in-memory computing core.

    • Fatemeh Kiani
    • Qiangfei Xia
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  • High-Tc superconducting nanowire detectors can detect single photons of telecom wavelengths at a temperature of 25 K and may enable applications in quantum sensing and quantum information processing.

    • Jin Chang
    • Iman Esmaeil Zadeh
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  • Polymer-based nanomedicines have been engineered to ratiometrically deliver three different drugs to tumors, thereby bridging in vitro–in vivo correlation and producing synergistic therapeutic efficacy in multiple myeloma mouse models.

    • Alexandros Marios Sofias
    • Twan Lammers
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  • A technique that blends micro- and nanometre-scale printed elements has been used to sculpture white light into a spatial array of coloured twisted beams, demonstrating sophisticated photonic control even with common incoherent sources of light.

    • Andrew Forbes
    • Leerin Perumal
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  • An electric field gradient can be used to control spin qubits in silicon quantum dots, enabling switchable fast single-qubit gates and, potentially, scalability.

    • Xuedong Hu
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  • The self-assembly of a triblock bottlebrush polymer at one length scale controls the ordering of the self-assembly at a smaller scale, forming a hierarchical unit cell.

    • Kevin G. Yager
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  • Nanosensors allow early detection of the onset and type of plant stress for a more precise and sustainable agriculture

    • Juan Pablo Giraldo
    • Sebastian Kruss
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  • The transport of dissolved ions inside tiny carbon nanotubes apparently violates the famous Nernst–Einstein relation, which links diffusive and electric-field-driven motion.

    • Nikita Kavokine
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  • DNA chirality allows it to act as an electrohydrodynamical turbine under the action of an electroosmotic flow when confined in nanopores.

    • Mauro Chinappi
    • Blasco Morozzo della Rocca
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