Image by Jing Wang and Xin Lin

Photo-activated dopants for organic semiconductors

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    Specialized imaging methods are now available to measure the quantum properties of materials with high sensitivity and resolution. These techniques are key to the design, synthesis and understanding of materials with exotic functionalities.

    • Kathryn Ann Moler
  • Editorial |

    From a combined effort by theorists, materials scientists and spectroscopists, topology has moved from a purely mathematical idea to the realization of unique properties in several condensed matter systems.

  • News and Views |

    Cysts were generated from organoids in vitro and the removal of adherent cues was shown to play a key role in polycystic kidney disease progression. These cysts resembled those of diseased tissue phenotypically and were capable of remodelling their microenvironment.

    • Paola Romagnani
  • News and Views |

    Energy-favoured grain rotation in nanocrystalline metals is shown to cause surface roughness at the atomic scale, providing fundamental insight for grain boundary engineering in materials design.

    • Jakob Schiøtz
    •  & Karsten W. Jacobsen