Volume 6 Issue 10, 1 October 2004


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    Snail, a transcription factor that promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions during development, has also been implicated in human cancer. A new mechanism in which GSK-3β phosphorylation regulates the rate of Snail protein degradation may provide insight into invasion and the metastatic progression of tumours.

    • Karni Schlessinger
    •  & Alan Hall
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    A panoply of functions have been proposed for the BRCA1 cancer susceptibility protein, particularly in the response to DNA damage and in transcriptional regulation. This complexity is now exacerbated by the discovery of a distinct splice variant of BRCA1, BRCA1/IRIS, with a previously uncharacterized function in DNA replication. This has implications for understanding tumorigenesis in BRCA1 mutation carriers.

    • Alan Ashworth
  • News & Views |

    Microtubule-mediated transport is essential for neuronal viability, neurite extension, synapse formation and synaptic function. Now a new kinesin receptor, syntabulin, has been identified that controls transport of the t-SNARE syntaxin along microtubules.

    • R. Grace Zhai
    •  & Hugo J. Bellen
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    Nuclear transfer, an essential step in animal cloning, results in the reprogramming of nuclei from a restricted, somatic cell programme to the totipotent pattern typical of the early embryo. A key variable in the success of cloning could be the resetting of the epigenetic status of the donor nucleus, including patterns of DNA methylation. New experiments offer insights into this poorly understood process.

    • Naoyuki Fujita
    •  & Paul A. Wade

Meeting Report

  • Meeting Report |

    Research on genome stability and integrity now extends far beyond the biochemistry of DNA repair to encompass signal transduction pathways that span numerous aspects of cellular life. Derailed genomic integrity pathways can result in debilitating genetic disorders, premature ageing, predisposition to cancer and degenerative conditions. Current progress in this rapidly expanding field was the subject of an EMBO workshop, Maintenance of Genomic Integrity, that took place in June 2004 in Galway, Ireland.

    • Yosef Shiloh
    •  & Alan R. Lehmann

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