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Volume 21 Issue 7, July 2019


Suppression of rhoGAPs by G-actin

See Diring et al.

Image: Jessica Diring (The Francis Crick Institute) and Jeroen Claus (Phospho Biomedical Animation). Cover Design: Lauren Heslop.

News & Views

  • Tumour-secreted microvesicles carry bioactive molecules that can be transferred to recipient cells, impacting tumour progression. A study now shows that ARF6 drives miRNA loading into tumour microvesicles through interaction with pre-miRNA–Exportin-5 complexes, thus shedding light on specific cargo packaging mechanisms.

    • Gonçalo Rodrigues
    • Haiying Zhang
    • David Lyden
    News & Views


  • Different subclones cooperate to support tumour heterogeneity and growth, but the effect on metastasis is unclear. A new study now shows that, as non-cell-autonomous drivers, minor cancer cell subclones instigate growth at distant sites of otherwise non-metastatic cancer cells. This is mediated systemically by perturbation in the metastatic tissue.

    • Luigi Ombrato
    • Ilaria Malanchi
    News & Views
  • The ability of cancer cells to adapt to external and internal stresses is critical for tumourigenesis. A new study now shows that the integrated stress response is critical for tumour cell adaptation to stress induced by c-MYC activation, providing mechanistic insights into tumour responses to intrinsic stresses with implications for cancer therapies.

    • Kirk A. Staschke
    • Ronald C. Wek
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • In this Review, the authors survey key advances in stem cell research and describe the cell types that are currently being used in the clinic or are close to clinical trials.

    • Michele De Luca
    • Alessandro Aiuti
    • Pamela Gehron Robey
    Review Article
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