Volume 31 Issue 7, July 2013

Volume 31 Issue 7

Confocal image of liver section from mice injected with lipid nanoparticles carrying siRNA (red). Gilleron et al. (p 638) and Sahay et al. (p 653) dissect molecular mechanisms of siRNA delivery to guide the development of RNAi therapeutics. Credit: Jerome Gilleron, Anja Zeigerer and Marino Zerial.


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    The Myriad decision to overturn human gene patents is the least of concerns for a diagnostic sector struggling to attract investment.



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Computational Biology


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    Optimized algorithms from the field of electrical-signal processing improve the identification of genomic signals from diverse high-throughput sequencing experiments, such as ChIP-seq, DNase-seq and FAIRE-seq.

    • Vibhor Kumar
    • , Masafumi Muratani
    • , Nirmala Arul Rayan
    • , Petra Kraus
    • , Thomas Lufkin
    • , Huck Hui Ng
    •  & Shyam Prabhakar


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    Mentors are essential for the training of PhDs and fellows, but many have lost sight of positive leadership and are just mean.

    • Nathan L Vanderford


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