Volume 23 Issue 12, December 2005

Volume 23 Issue 12

Image of a mouse embryo undergoing gastrulation, in which the three embryonic germ layers —ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm — are formed. Two papers in this issue describe the differentiation of embryonic stem cells to definitive endoderm (p 1534; p 1542). Image courtesy Olivia Kelly.



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    Umbilical cord blood stem cell therapies used in the treatment of blood cancers are forging ahead, but it's an uphill struggle.

    • Cormac Sheridan
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    The US government's recent raft of pre-emptive measures in favor of flu vaccine R&D and stockpiling may seem like a new window of opportunity for the biotech industry, but they won't necessarily foster innovative vaccines.

    • Jim Kling
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    Forget everything you know about biotech venture creation—this is Russia! And Dmitry Morosov is one of a new breed of entrepreneurs ready to create a new type of Russian biotech.

    • Sabine Louët
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    Desperate patients are travelling abroad for dubious stem cell therapies. Monya Baker investigates the potential damage not only to human lives but to reputable stem cell research.

    • Monya Baker

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    Lessons from embryology point to better ways of generating endodermal cells from embryonic stem cells.

    • David A F Loebel
    •  & Patrick P L Tam
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    Antibody surrogates based on a class of human receptor domains bind protein targets with high affinity.

    • Ki Jun Jeong
    • , Robert Mabry
    •  & George Georgiou
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    The genome sequence of a meat-borne lactic acid bacterium sheds light on its food-preserving abilities.

    • Vincent G H Eijsink
    •  & Lars Axelsson
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    Two novel methods for generating mouse ES cells may represent more ethically acceptable methods for producing human ES cells.

    • Markus Grompe

Computational Biology

Computational Biology